Things Left Undone

It’s Christmas Eve.

Presents are still unwrapped.

No twinkling lights adorn our home.

Not a single Christmas card has yet been sent.

The nativity scene was never set up.  In fact, most of our decorations are still in the storage box.

And I’m okay with that, with things left undone.

Winter Fun

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe I’ve become disillusioned with the “magic” of Christmas.  Or maybe it’s that the true meaning of Christmas has settled comfortably on my heart. Whatever it is, I realize the things left undone aren’t always worth doing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE Christmas lights, and cards, and pretty bows. When I can do those things, I relish them. But there are seasons when everything – just. cannot. get. done. – and I no longer allow these things to suck the joy out of Christmas.

Every single thing left undone means time was spent doing something else. And I make sure the something elses matter. Baking cookies with the kids, watching Christmas movies, playing in the snow, cuddling by the fire.  Doing. Together.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Don’t let the things left undone, or the doing of too many things, steal your joy this season.

Christmas is a celebration. Celebrate!

One thought on “Things Left Undone

  1. I can’t tell you how much was left “undone” in my home this year. But you know what? Looking back on it now, none of it mattered! We had a lot of time to spend together and we all agreed this was the “Best Christmas Ever!”

    I hope yours was wonderful, too! Happy New Year!

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