The Week of Independent Studies

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All in all this has been a good week (that’s why I’m linking up at WUHS)…although completely different than expected.  I traded our “usual” routine for last minute schedule changes.  This wasn’t what I had hoped or planned, but it’s the excitement of life, right?

Sunday was great. We relaxed, ate junk food and had visits from family.  The evening ended on a high note with an on-the-edge-of-your-seat episode of my favorite show, The Walking Dead.  I went to bed happily pondering the fate of the guv-nuh and excited Daryl had returned to the prison (woot!).

Somewhere around 2am Amelie woke up, with a fever.  As a mom, I have to say that’s one of my least favorite moments.  That middle of the night scramble for the thermometer and medicine, praying the fever isn’t as high as it feels.  Scary.  She wasn’t too awfully bad at 101.6 so I gave her some Advil, and we eventually went back to sleep – kind of.

Man, I love his smile.

Monday morning Amelie was extremely congested and her fever returned.  I declared it an “independent work and chores” only day for the three big boys (don’t you love the freedom to do that??  I big puffy heart homeschool).  And I turned on ABC Mouse for Bram – he loves it.  The rest of my day was holding a fussy baby, couch cuddles with Bram, the usual conference call with Stef about planning the Titus 2:1 Conference (see the end of this post), and that’s about it.

Daddy-daughter snuggle time

Tuesday is our usual co-op day.  Shane works from home on Tuesdays to help shuttle all the kids since we don’t have one vehicle that can fit the whole family.  Monday, I had called to let co-op know I wouldn’t be there since Amelie was sick, but Shane would bring the four boys.  Everyone was ready to go when it suddenly began sleeting and freezing rain, followed by snow.  So guess where they didn’t go?  Another independent work day, yay!

Mom’s Proverb: He who gives the baby an Oreo, gives the baby a bath.

Wednesday morning I really wanted to try to get our week back on track.  Amelie seemed to be feeling a bit better though still very fussy.  But I was just too tired.  Independent studies kids, mama’s having a pajama day!  By now, the kids are ecstatic.  Three independent work only days?  Heaven.

Thursdays are usually independent studies followed by Civics class for Fox and Tony.  But guess what?  The teacher’s grandbaby was born and civics was cancelled.  So that left…you guessed it…independent studies!!  I normally would have been feeling guilty by now, but Amelie’s congestion had given way to a wet, uncomfortable cough.  Even though her fever had not returned since Monday, keeping her warm and happy was my main concern.  It’s pneumonia season here and no one needs that.

So here we are.  It’s Friday.  Between sickness, foul weather and births, we’ve had nothing but independent studies this week.  So I figured why break our winning streak?  I happily called another independent studies and chores day…

But then the vacuum broke.  So that just left…

Independent Studies!!!

Hey bloggers – you must check out the Titus 2:1 Conference!


5 thoughts on “The Week of Independent Studies

  1. Oh we’ve been fighting the “sick baby effect” on the schedule too! My nine month old has had either a cold or been teething since Christmas- either way his nose runs, so this week we had bronchiolitis (basically just inflamed airways but we were up at night anyway), and a nose that bled it was so sore from wiping. I feel your pain but at least spring is coming!…K

  2. I think it’s such a great thing that it’s possible to homeschool in the USA. Especially at this time of the year when many kids get sick! I can imagine the boys loved their independence lol. Hope Amelie is doing better and that you will back to some rhythm again soon 🙂
    Have a good week!

  3. We’ve been having lots of independent studies here, too. I still read to everyone, but if they can do it on their own the batter it is for all of us right now. Then I just have to remember to correct it, so they don’t get in trouble if they don’t understand something.

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