The 2:1 Conference – Part 2

Please forgive the disarray as I settle into my new site –!!  I’m still working on organizing here, but I couldn’t let another day pass without sharing about the 2:1 Conference. All photos were taken by the talented Jamie Worley of See Jamie Blog.

2013 was 2:1’s second year.  The sequel.  And you know how sequels stand at the box office…

Last year, the inaugural year, I was worried whether everything would come together as planned.  And it did.  God showed up in BIG ways for an amazing weekend.  So this year…this year I worried: would it be the sameWould God show up again?  Or would it be tainted by familiarity?


It was lovely.



2:1 Conference Fun

The keynotes breathed encouragement into the hearts of the attendees.  Breakouts shared their expertise on topics from generational homeschooling to blogging business strategy.  #2to1Conf trended twice on Saturday – during Toni Anderson’s Twitter workshop, and again at our live tweet-up.

Attending a conference is always a whirlwind of preparation, travel, networking and adrenaline.  Hosting a conference is all that x100.  That’s why I’m so thankful for my 2:1 team member, Stef.  Even with all the behind-the-scenes conference craziness, the adrenaline and exhaustion, we have fun y’all.

Throughout the conference we were consistently thanked for the blessing of 2:1. Thanks for being so differentdifferent than a convention and so much more welcoming than your “average” conference.  We’ve received thank you cards and emails of thankful women whose cups had been filled during their time at 2:1.  And as much I as love acknowledgement of a job well done, I have to say it wasn’t me.  It wasn’t us.

This was God.  This was OUR God showing up for HIS people.  Because YOU are worthy of HIS love. YOU are worthy of HIS attention.

2:1 is bathed in prayer.  Every detail was prayed over before (and during) the conference. We ask God to show up and meet the 2:1 attendees in their seats, to touch their hearts where they need His attention.  And He does, because He is a God of relationships.

Trouble Makers at 2:1

Right to left: Kris Bales of Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, Carol Anne of Confessions of a Fraidy Cat, Zan Tyler

That’s why we focus heavily on relationship-building at 2:1.  We could give you a mile long to-do list of steps to help you conquer blogland.  But that’s not our heart. Our heart is to give you the tools you need to accomplish the goals He lays on your heart.

Like I said, blessed.  Now I have a confession to make. 2013 is still fresh on everyone’s mind but I’m already thrilled about what’s coming in 2014!  We’re moving to CHICAGO (woot!), May 2-4.  Can’t wait to see you there!

2 thoughts on “The 2:1 Conference – Part 2

  1. It was a magical weekend. Being there, for me, was a surreal blessing. I’m now getting to step back and get to know some of you better and that will be the real blessing of the whole story. Lisa~

    1. I’m so glad you were there, Lisa. You’re right, it’s the relationships that continue after a conference — that’s a true blessing.

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