Wrap Up – Birthday Edition

Weekly Wrap-Up

I’ve had a week in which I’ve felt very….discombobulated.  You know?  I blame it on a lack of sleep.

All in all it was a good week though!  Monday and Tuesday I rocked my cleaning/organizing time.  Bram’s room is FINISHED!  You would not believe the amount of  broken and useless toys we pitched, oh my!

But we still had a problem.  The toys he loves, and really wanted to keep, are bulky.  He is a HUGE fan of the Imaginext line, as well as Power Rangers with interchangeable pieces, and Transformers.  It’s not that he has a ton of stuff anymore, it’s just that what he does have takes up room.

Repurposed Trundle

I was so proud of my Ah-Ha moment when I remembered we still had a trundle base in the junk room.  We put all the really large toys in his toy box.  Then, all the items with multiple pieces, or things that would easily get buried in the toy box, went into storage containers.  The containers are now stashed neatly (and out of sight!) under the bed….but they’re easy to access with the trundle.  Score!

Once Bram’s room was finished I completed “the nook”.  We have a nice landing at the top of our stairs, and I converted it into a little play area for Amelie, now that she’s beginning to amass her own arsenal of toys.  She loves it!

Wednesday was my epiphany day.  No mother of the year awards were handed out on this day.  I mentioned my lack of sleep (see above). That lack of sleep was due to Amelie not sleeping.  She was staying up late, sleeping restlessly, and would wake up crying for no reason I could determine.  Teething, maybe?

Then, on Wednesday, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, Amelie’s issues had to do with the mass quantities of coffee I’d been drinking. Ya think? She still nurses, so of course the caffeine was going through to her.  I cut the coffee and the rest of the week she was back to sleeping like, well, a baby.  Poor girl.

My second epiphany was that Bram’s birthday is on August 4th.  Now, I knew that of course.  However I thought that the 4th was 12 days away…not 5.  Whoops!  I had a birthday party to plan – fast!

And, drumroll please, on Wednesday my homeschool evaluator signed off on our 2013/2014 school year.  We are officially finished!! Having this off my mind, got me to finally thinking that I might (perhaps, maybe, just an inkling of a thought) want to start planning the 2014/2015 year.  But not quite yet.

Thursday was spent taking PawPaw to a doctor’s appointment, and running around for party decorations.  I have a few more things to pull together…but I think we’re good to go.  Whew!

Before and after birthday haircut!

Today has been our regular cleaning day and party prep.  And by party prep I mean baking a cake, and 2 pumpkin pies because that’s what the birthday boy wants!  And what the birthday boy wants…

Tomorrow will be the party – and the birthday boy could not be any more excited.  He’s at such a great age.  I love how he approaches everything with joy and excitement! I pray that becomes an ingrained part of who he is.

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Weekly Wrap Up Week – All About Pull Ups

Weekly Wrap-Up

Sunday kicked off the week with a bang.  Oy what a day…it will go down in history as chicken wing day, around here at least.  It was so eventful I wrote a blog post about it.  If you want a good laugh, and to feel better about your day, go read it.  I promise you’ll chuckle, you may even have an all out, choke-on-your-drink laugh. Fo realz.

It’s okay. I don’t mind if you laugh at my expense.

The rest of the week was less eventful, but much more enjoyable.  I’m continuing to work on getting the house clean and organized.  Yes, still.  Between the kids and PawPaw, I only have a few hours a week to devote to the task.  And it’s a big task.

This week’s highlight of cleaning happened this morning.  Bram and I have been working on his room.  For a 6 year old he’s been amazingly understanding about having to throw away broken and abused toys.  I’ve been trying to teach him to throw stuff out ruthlessly.

Why? Because we have too much stuff.  I want to enjoy this home we’ve been blessed with and our time together, rather than worrying about stuff all the time.

Bram had already thrown out two construction-sized trash bags of broken and too-rough-to-donate toys.  Then this morning (the aforementioned highlight) he agreed to get rid of his huge assortment of hand me down dart guns.  They were cool, but they were bulky and taking up lots of space.

We discussed the need to honor our space and space limitations, and he gave up the guns without drama.  I could tell it was a stretch for him, but he did it.  I am one proud mama!  We’re almost finished his room, yay!  Then I can move on to the storage room, gulp.

I didn’t get to do any cleaning Monday, because that was my errand and grocery day.  Or Wednesday, because that was the day I took PawPaw to the doctor and to run his errands.  …Or Thursday, because that was the day I went to FIVE different pharmacies trying to fill PawPaw’s prescription for a chest cold he’s been fighting.

You read that correctly.  I went to five pharmacies before I found one with the chest medicine in stock.  What should have been a 30 minute (tops!) errand turned into a 3 hour marathon. I began to question if he really needed the medicine.  He only has to take it for a week, is it really that important?

Don’t throw tomatoes!  I know he needed the medicine, that’s why I kept going.  But it wasn’t fun, dragging my 2 year old in and out of the car seat on a 92 degree day with high humidity.

By the fourth pharmacy Amelie was having a meltdown.  She did not want to buckle into her car seat any more.  She was done and I couldn’t blame her.  So I did what any good parent would do, I resorted to bribery.

“Buckle up baby so we can go to the next store and get a lolli.”  Nope, she refused, still screaming.



“A sippy cup?”

“A balloon!!??!!”

She wanted none of it.  You know what finally made her stop crying and buckle up?  The promise of Pull-Ups.  I kid you not.

“How about we get some more Pull-Ups?  You want Pull-Ups?”

That was it.  She instantly stopped the water works and slipped her arms under the straps so we could go.  Amazing.  Who would have guessed?  Ha!

So Monday, Wednesday and Thursday was a lot of running around.  Tuesday and Friday I cleaned.  Oh, and on a particularly nice day Lawrence and his girlfriend took Bram to the park for a couple hours.  I think it’s safe to say he had a good time.


That’s about it for my week. I’d say it was productively busy.  All in all a very good week!  How was your week?  Be sure to join the fun and link up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap Up.

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This Week – The Face

Friday. Already? Are you sure?  For a brief moment this morning I thought it was Monday. Seriously y’all, I need sleep.  All in all though, it’s been a pretty good week around here.

Monday and Tuesday were SNOW DAYS!

Snow Days

I hold the policy that if local schools are closed, homeschool is closed. The kids enjoy the anticipation, waiting, hoping and praying for schools to be closed. I love the celebratory shouts of “YESSSSSSS!” when I announce school cancelled for the day.


We spent the lazy days enjoying leftover chili (I have the best recipe) and hot cocoa.

Wednesday we tried to reclaim some semblance of normalcy…none of us were really feeling it. It was a balmy 20 degrees outside, and windy.  We kept the fires stoked as a little schoolwork was accomplished, but mostly it was another low-key day.

Thursday was my get-it done day. I loaded up the littles and we went grocery shopping.  The pantry was quite barren after kids, hungry from playing in the snow, rapidly depleted its stores. We were all a bit giddy as it was our first time out of the house all week.

Running Errands

Incidentally, I had a comedic moment at the grocery store in which I realized I’m that  mother. The mother I was never going to become. The harried mom, with bags under her eyes, hair out of place, wrangling kids in the store while knocking over display stands, tying to steer a heavy laden grocery cart one-handed.

After the shopping, kid wrangling, display knocking, calming the screaming 18 month old, then carrying the sleeping 18 month old (knocking over displays), I got to the checkout lane. With the cart unloaded, the kids playing nicely with the toys strategically placed at checkout, I began to think “well that didn’t go too bad, could have been worse”.

And that’s when I saw her.

I locked eyes with my toddler in time to see her making the face.

You know what face.

That  face.

I realized this was the one time I didn’t bring the diaper bag and I’d be darned if I was dragging everyone and that heavy cart back through the store for wipes, even though I had just bought diapers.  We did the best we could with what we had until we got home.  I’ll leave that to your imagination. Experienced moms understand.

Snow Warning

Today the teens did their work independently without complaint and I caught up on some housework.  We hope to get our Christmas tree this weekend as we haven’t done that yet.  However that will depend on the weather as we’re expecting another 4-8″ of snow tomorrow!

How was your week? Did you have any defining moments this week? I’d love to hear about them!

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