Weekly Wrap Up | Las Vegas Edition

It’s been quite a while since I’ve participated in a weekly wrap up. So I figured it was high time. However when I sat down to write, everything was a blur. Please tell me I’m not the only person who has to check out their Instagram feed to remember what we did this week?? Please.


Maybe the reason I don’t remember much is because the week started out busy. Then Amelie got sick.  Also, hubby and our eldest were away on a business trip so I was shorthanded. Yeah, that’s why everything is a blur…

Monday was my run-around-like-crazy day. I wanted to get Shane some new shoes for his trip. So I decided to drive into the closest “big town” for a decent shoe shop.  That turned into a day of getting the shoes, then walking the mall and spending more money I shouldn’t have spent. From there we made a quick stop at PetSmart because, oh yeah, we needed crickets for the Fire Belly Toads. Of course right next to PetSmart is an Ulta shop.  I had never been to Ulta so it seemed like a good time to stop in.  Of course, by this time the kids were starving so I *had* to take them to Burger King.

I didn’t get anything. I waited to grab a salad at home. Aren’t you proud of me?  I’ve lost over 40lbs and I fit into skinny jeans last week, so sister, I ain’t going back!

On Tuesday Shane left bright and early to head to Las Vegas with our eldest, Fox. Yeah Vegas. While I was home with a sick toddler. Whatever. I asked Shane to send me photos of everything.  And slefies! Don’t forget the selfies and usies! But, Shane isn’t a fan of taking obvious selfies in public and Fox despises that sort of thing. So I have some hilarious “sneaky selfies” from their travels.  I love it!

Shane and Fox
And if you tell Fox about this photo I’ll kill you dead!

Most of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent wrangling a poor, sick, 2 year old with explosive diarrhea.  It wasn’t fun. For anyone. We mostly cut our losses and spent lots of time cuddling on the couch, watching her favorite shows. And doing laundry. Lots of laundry.

But we got through it.  And if you’re gonna be sick.  At least you can still be cute, right? By Thursday Amelie was starting to feel better so we began to venture outside, much to Bram’s delight.  The weather here has been gorgeous and I love watching him climb trees and play in the creek.  We spent most of the evenings swinging on the swing set.  It was lovely.

Let’s see what else? Oh! During the wee hours of the morning I watched a really, really wonderful movie called You’re Not You. I wrote a bit about it on my Netflix for Moms post. Have you seen it? It is such a touching, poignant movie. I highly recommend it. It’s about the slow decline of a woman with ALS and the friendship she develops with her caretaker, but really, it’s about sooooo much more!

A photo posted by Cheryl Pitt (@cheryllpitt) on

This week I was also able to share about a new phonics-based reading curriculum I absolutely love. Bram loves it too which is a huge bonus. It has officially become our new reading curriculum. Check out my review for First Start Reading from Memoria Press.

Reading Curriculum

Oh, and last but not least, Bram decided to cut his hair. Because, you know, it looks so cool this way 🙂

Bram Haircut

 That’s it! Those are the highlights of this week. By the time this publishes Shane and Fox will be home from Las Vegas and we’ll be enjoying a nice, relaxing, family weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours as well.

*Update – I just realized Shane and Fox didn’t leave for Vegas until Wednesday morning. Which means my errand day was Tuesday. So, I really have no idea what I did on Monday. Like I said, it’s all a blur. Oy.

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Weekly Wrap Up Week – All About Pull Ups

Weekly Wrap-Up

Sunday kicked off the week with a bang.  Oy what a day…it will go down in history as chicken wing day, around here at least.  It was so eventful I wrote a blog post about it.  If you want a good laugh, and to feel better about your day, go read it.  I promise you’ll chuckle, you may even have an all out, choke-on-your-drink laugh. Fo realz.

It’s okay. I don’t mind if you laugh at my expense.

The rest of the week was less eventful, but much more enjoyable.  I’m continuing to work on getting the house clean and organized.  Yes, still.  Between the kids and PawPaw, I only have a few hours a week to devote to the task.  And it’s a big task.

This week’s highlight of cleaning happened this morning.  Bram and I have been working on his room.  For a 6 year old he’s been amazingly understanding about having to throw away broken and abused toys.  I’ve been trying to teach him to throw stuff out ruthlessly.

Why? Because we have too much stuff.  I want to enjoy this home we’ve been blessed with and our time together, rather than worrying about stuff all the time.

Bram had already thrown out two construction-sized trash bags of broken and too-rough-to-donate toys.  Then this morning (the aforementioned highlight) he agreed to get rid of his huge assortment of hand me down dart guns.  They were cool, but they were bulky and taking up lots of space.

We discussed the need to honor our space and space limitations, and he gave up the guns without drama.  I could tell it was a stretch for him, but he did it.  I am one proud mama!  We’re almost finished his room, yay!  Then I can move on to the storage room, gulp.

I didn’t get to do any cleaning Monday, because that was my errand and grocery day.  Or Wednesday, because that was the day I took PawPaw to the doctor and to run his errands.  …Or Thursday, because that was the day I went to FIVE different pharmacies trying to fill PawPaw’s prescription for a chest cold he’s been fighting.

You read that correctly.  I went to five pharmacies before I found one with the chest medicine in stock.  What should have been a 30 minute (tops!) errand turned into a 3 hour marathon. I began to question if he really needed the medicine.  He only has to take it for a week, is it really that important?

Don’t throw tomatoes!  I know he needed the medicine, that’s why I kept going.  But it wasn’t fun, dragging my 2 year old in and out of the car seat on a 92 degree day with high humidity.

By the fourth pharmacy Amelie was having a meltdown.  She did not want to buckle into her car seat any more.  She was done and I couldn’t blame her.  So I did what any good parent would do, I resorted to bribery.

“Buckle up baby so we can go to the next store and get a lolli.”  Nope, she refused, still screaming.



“A sippy cup?”

“A balloon!!??!!”

She wanted none of it.  You know what finally made her stop crying and buckle up?  The promise of Pull-Ups.  I kid you not.

“How about we get some more Pull-Ups?  You want Pull-Ups?”

That was it.  She instantly stopped the water works and slipped her arms under the straps so we could go.  Amazing.  Who would have guessed?  Ha!

So Monday, Wednesday and Thursday was a lot of running around.  Tuesday and Friday I cleaned.  Oh, and on a particularly nice day Lawrence and his girlfriend took Bram to the park for a couple hours.  I think it’s safe to say he had a good time.


That’s about it for my week. I’d say it was productively busy.  All in all a very good week!  How was your week?  Be sure to join the fun and link up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap Up.

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My Comedy Of Tragedies

Comedy of Tragedies
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Yesterday was quite a day.  It was a comedy of tragedies.  As moms, we’ve all had those kinds of days.  You know the kind, where one thing after another goes wrong, in a seamless array of “tragedies”.  You get more and more frustrated until you dissolve into a fit of laughter…because what else can you do, really?

Yes, that was my day.

I had a wonderful morning.  I allowed myself to sleep in because the week before had been hectic, and Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law.  I was home alone with the littles, so we took our time getting up.  We cuddled in bed for quite a while , then they played nicely while I showered and got ready for the day.  Yes, a slow and enjoyable morning.

Then I went downstairs.  (Am I the only one who thinks “my day was great…until I left my bedroom!”?)

I had planned to walk the dogs, and vacuum up the baby shower confetti left on the carpets, then enjoy the rest of the day with the kids.  However, upon going downstairs I found that my son’s dog, Chloe, had escaped from the utility room and had herself a party.


She had gotten into the trash and strewn it all about.  She’d raided the diaper bag and pulled out some important documents, stashed in there after errands, that I hadn’t yet filed.  She chewed up my decorative willow balls.  And to top it all off she messed on the carpet.  I wasn’t happy.


However, I figured she’s still a pup in training and I’d just clean it up.  So Chloe went back to the utility room and I got out the steam cleaner to address her mess.  I then picked up all the trash, threw away the destroyed decor and filed the paperwork – thankful she didn’t chew it up!

That doesn’t sound like much, but it took a while because it was a BIG mess and the little ones were underfoot.

With the mess cleaned up I felt better and decided to continue with my original plan – walk the dogs and vacuum.  So outside we went (after wrestling my 2 year old into her shoes).

But alas, it was still not meant to be.  As soon as we were outside I noticed Ginger, the elderly dog we inherited when my husband’s grandmother passed away, was severely entangled.  She is an outdoor dog and her lead was a jumble of knots, wrapped around sticks, and the tree beside her dog box.  Oy.


I turned on the hose for Ami so she could play in the water while I set about untangling Ginger.  I pulled and prodded and broke sticks and huffed and puffed...and this is when I began to get irritated. I could not get her untangled without unhooking her from the lead.  Of course this made Ginger happy, and she frolicked about the back yard as I continued to fight with the knotted lead.

Finally, after a heroic show of brute force, I had the lead straightened out – yay!  It was then I realized I had loosed the dog that massacred our flock of chickens last spring.  She was running loose while our 2 month old chickens were free-ranging in the front meadow.  Nooooo!

Can chickens eat watermelon

I took off in a full run (yay, exercise) bolting around the side of the house in time to see Ginger making her way toward the chickens and ignoring my calls to return.  I ran her down about 30 feet from the chickens.  By now I was mad.  At myself and all pets in general.

Now, as I pulled Ginger (by the collar because I didn’t stop to get a leash) around to the back of the house I noticed the other dogs, Chloe and Monroe, up on the porch.  What on earth are they getting into, I wondered.  Whatever it was, they were focused.

I hooked up Ginger back to the lead.  I also stopped to take off Ami’s skirt because she had soaked herself with the hose – that was fine, of course, because she was having fun.  We then made our way back around to the front so we could see what the other dogs were getting into.

You can imagine my sheer delight (<–where’s the sarcasm font when you need it?) when I found they were trying to scarf down buffalo style chicken wings someone had left on the front porch during the baby shower.  Oh. No.  If you have dogs, you know how dangerous chicken bones can be.  So, again, I attempted to run down some dogs.

Monroe The Pug

I was able to catch Monroe, he’s a pug, slower, and well trained.  He’s a good boy who stopped when I called him and dropped the chicken when told.  Chloe however, the border collie, is another story.  I couldn’t catch her; she ate the chicken wing.  Great.  I prayed it wouldn’t choke her or cause any internal injury…except maybe a burning stomach from the buffalo sauce (that should teach her).

Having hands full of day-old chicken wings covered in dog drool, I turned around to go rinse my hands in the hose.  And what did I see?  My daughter standing there with a bare bum shining in the sun.  While I wrestled chicken from the dogs, she thought that would be the perfect time to take off her wet diaper.  She was quite proud of herself.

Really?  Seriously?  Why not?  Okay everybody in the house!

In we went.  Once dressed, Bram and Ami started playing with K’nex (thank you Lord) while I fed the dogs.  As I fed the dogs I noticed something…I didn’t know what…smeared on the utility room floor.  Mystery smears in the utility room automatically equal a good mopping with bleach.

Mop and Bucket

So now, after steam cleaning the carpet, cleaning up emptied trash cans, untangling dogs, saving chickens from imminent death, wrestling chicken bones from the mouths of dogs, and dressing my daughter for the second time in three hours, I’m mopping the floor.

It wasn’t even noon.  That was enough for one morning don’t you think?  Apparently not.

Literally, the second I finished mopping the floor, Chloe vomited up her chicken wings.  Awesome.  I fervently regretted my prayer for her burning stomach. One more mess to clean up.

Finally, FINALLY, the utility room was clean and the dogs were squared away.  I figured it was time to vacuum…you know, like I had planned from the beginning.  However, I noticed it was time to get up PawPaw (my grandfather in law), get him his “breakfast” and medicine.  Okay, pause vacuuming again.

Bram asked to watch Rio while he and Ami continued their K’nex play, so I decided to go ahead and pop in the movie while I fried PawPaw’s eggs.  Only, guess what?  I couldn’t get the DVD player to work.  Now I was no longer mad, I was ready to cry.  I just wanted to vacuum!! <—that kept reverberating around in my head.  15 minutes and 2 phone calls to hubby later, I had the movie playing (with sound – bonus!).

The next hour went well without anything more than the regular interruptions and hiccups that are to be expected with kids and the elderly.  I was able to fix meals and feed everyone – myself included – and do the dishes while chatting with the family.  Yay!

Now a sane person would have simply been thankful that the day was starting to look up.  But not me.  My greatest gift and biggest flaw is my tenacity.  I don’t know when to give up.

I was going to vacuum by golly – come hell or high water.  It was 1pm but – I. Was. Not. Stopping. Roar!

I pulled out my (awesome, wonderful, love-it-so-much) vacuum and found the canister was full.  Being the responsible vacuum owner I am, I decided to empty the canister before I vacuumed.  Only, I was answering a question PawPaw had asked, not paying attention, and pushed the wrong button as I pulled out the canister.

Yep. You know what happened next.  The entire contents of the canister emptied out onto the carpet.

This moment, my friends, this was when my tragedies became a comedy.  I dissolved into a puddle of laughter on the floor.  Not a giggle, not a chuckle to myself, an all out ROFL moment.  My kids thought I was nuts.

Cheryl Pitt

However, I’m happy to report, I cleaned up the mess and had the carpets vacuumed in no time.

By 2pm I had accomplished what I had set out to do by 9:30am.  But that’s okay.  Such is life.  I conquered.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying time with the family.  And I must say, all things considered it was a good day.

It was a good day.

So, the next time you’re having a comedy of tragedies kind of day, laugh!  Belly laugh. Think of me and laugh some more.  Know you are not alone in this glorious mess of motherhood! Then offer up a prayer for all the moms experiencing a similar unfolding of events.  Because as frustrating as those moments can be, life is still good.