Some Inspiration For You #MotivationMonday

It’s #MotivationMonday! A brand new day in a brand new week. I have been crazy busy lately, slogging through my workouts without a very good attitude.  Maybe you are too? Or maybe you’ve gotten off track as life has presented challenges.

Lean and Healthy

Or maybe you’ve gotten caught back up in the comparison game. Again. It’s easy to do (just speaking from experience here…).

You think you’ll never be as thin as so and so. You’ll never be as svelte as your cousin because you have strong, thick calves. You worry you’ll never be as pretty as your neighbor because of your gray hair or dark circles, or birthmark…




I want to give you a kick in the pants today to stop.  Just stop.  There’s always (ALWAYS!) going to be another “or”. Banish that line of thinking.  When you hear yourself thinking those thoughts, replace them with these.

There is no such thing as perfection.

I am already beautiful.

God made me this way to be appealing to the one that loves me.

I am beloved, fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am only competing with myself.

My job is to be the best version of me I can be.

I’m an original. No one can take my place.

Don’t waste another moment, another second, not loving yourself. Appreciate the body you’re in even if it needs some work.  Why? Because God loves you! He doesn’t make junk! And, He has a purpose for you.

Rejecting the body He gave you is rejecting His gift!

It took me a long, long time to get the message in the image above. That I don’t want someone else’s body. That I just want the best version of mine. But, once I did, health and fitness got SO much easier. And I know it will for you, too.

So stop. Just stop! Banish those negative thoughts. You can do it! I believe it YOU!


True Confession: I Could Not Do A Sit-Up

So, I’ve been wanting to confess this for a while but I was too embarrassed.

True Confession

When I embarked on my #60DaysNoExcuses health and fitness challenge, I could not do a sit up. Not a single one, nope. The crazy thing was, I didn’t know I couldn’t do a sit up anymore until I tried. It had been so long so long since I’d tried to do one.

That’s when I realized – really realized – I had become so unfit. Years of being inactive. Years of sedentary blogging. Seven almost consecutive years of sitting and nursing. It had all taken its toll.

I wanted to cry.

I was embarrassed.

I was ashamed.

But, I knew I wasn’t alone. Just like I know that some of you are now where I was, struggling with the same issue, or similar issues. The overwhelming feeling of knowing you need to get healthy but not knowing where to start.

And all I can say is – just make a change.  It’s not easy, but it is simple!

Do you know how I lost over 40lbs? Do you know how I banished my arm flabber? Do you know how I am beginning to tame the jiggle in my rump? BABY STEPS. One step at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time. Truly.

I didn’t go to bed overweight and jiggly, then wake up thin and toned. This has been a long, sometimes hard, but oh so rewarding journey.

So, today I encourage you to make one change for 60 days. Don’t go crazy – it can be something simple! Something attainable! Just commit to make one small change and see what a difference it can make. Then, with that success, add another small change, then another, and before you know it you’ll reach your goals!


Starter 60 Day Challenge Ideas

  • Exercise – it can be a simple walk, 5 push-ups/day, a cardio video, or any combo. Just commit to be active for 60 days.
  • Healthy Breakfast – commit to start your day with protein and no sugar, then eat normally the rest of the day.
  • Prayer & Meditation – before I tried to lose an ounce I had to get right with God and love myself as I was, His creation.
  • No Weigh-Ins – can you stay off the scale for 60 days? Stop focusing on the number and concentrate on healthy choices.
  • Swap Fruit for Veggies – many people trying to lose weight make the mistake of eating too much fruit. Too much fruit equals too much sugar. Can you substitute a vegetable for one of your fruit servings?

Revisiting My Goals and Resolutions #60DaysNoExcuses

60DaysNoExcusesYesterday, I was thinking how excited I am to have reached my goal weight of 135 lbs, when I suddenly remembered this had been one of my New Year UNresolutions. So, of course I wondered what other goals I had set for myself.

I decided to review my goals for this year. Because, I have a tendency to set goals, lose focus, then be depressed when I don’t reach my goals.  I went back to my 2015 UNresolutions post and was pleasantly surprised to find I’m doing okay.

  • I accomplished goal #1 – BAM! (lose weight, reach 135 lbs.)
  • I also have been kicking butt on goal #6 – DOUBLE BAM! (distance myself from drama and people that cause it)
  • I’m doing a great job with #3 (getting and keeping my home organized, however my office is still a train wreck) so that’s still a work in progress.
  • Then I realized I’m no where near on par for goals #2 (to get fit), #4 (to be completely debt free), and #5 (be a better local friend).

From there I checked out my Life List, or bucket list as some call it. And you know what I had listed there as well? To get fit!

However, instead of getting upset, I got motivated. Seriously, if I can lose over 40lbs and get mostly-organized, I can do just about anything! Though, I have to be realistic. I’m the type of person who does best tackling one thing at a time. I figured getting completely debt free is going to take a bit longer 😉 and I’m not yet together enough to throw myself into new friendships. So, now is the time to get really fit!

I’ve been diligent about being active, but I’ve been hit-or-miss with really working out. I don’t want to put off being fully fit any longer!


So, starting Thursday the 30th, I’m challenging myself to give it my all for 60 days. I’ll be holding myself accountable by sharing my daily exercise with the hashtag #60DaysNoExcuses. 

I’m not trying to become a body builder, but I want muscle tone and definition! So, EVERY DAY for 60 days I will do some type of real work-out. I mostly plan to utilize PiYo, Denise Austin videos, and for the very busy days I will do 10 minute “around the house” workouts like sit-ups, chair dips and lunges. Of course if I get a a true workout through chores, you better believe I’ll count that too!

But the key is to really work. Really work. Not just activity. A brisk walk won’t count on these 60 days. Neither will playing with the kids at the park. I’m gonna work. I’m gonna sweat!

Now, I know you might be wondering, why 60 days? Well, for me, I don’t think 30 days will be enough to really ingrain workouts into my schedule. I’m a slow learner. Also, I think 60 days will be long enough to see some great results – which is what I want! I think I’ll be pretty close to actually being fit at the end of the 60 days.

And you know what I’ve learned? Once you reach your goal, it’s a lot easier to maintain than I thought. Dropping over 40 lbs was hard, very hard. I felt like I’d never be able to eat the foods I loved again. But, I’ve found that once I got to 135 lbs, staying here hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult. It just takes daily evaluation of my decisions. So, I’m trusting getting and staying fit will be the same. (If it’s not, just don’t tell me yet!)

I’d love it if you’d join me! If you can’t join me, then keep me accountable. Follow along and if I miss a day – call me out on it girlfriend!