Super Quick Cure For Hiccups

cure for hiccups
It had been a long day. Actually, it had been a really long few days.

Finally, I was able to crawl into bed at midnight. For months I’ve been diligent about going to bed and getting up at a decent time. So midnight is now quite late for this long-ago-night-owl. As I settled in, snug in my covers, it began…


“Hiccups? Hmm, that’s strange.” I thought. Hiccups are exceedingly rare for me. I get them a couple times a year, tops.




Hic, hic…


I laid there, tossing and turning. Exhausted but unable to sleep. Hiccuping every 10 seconds until my stomach hurt. I held my breath, I drank water, I took deep breaths. Nothing worked.  Then I remembered “duh, I have a bunch of essential oils, one of those has to help!” So, a little research and 2 minutes later, my hiccups were gone!  Completely!  I went and laid back down, waiting for the next hic to strike. It never came.

So what was my super quick cure for hiccups? Using my Young Living Essential Oils in Lemon and Chamomile. Now, according to my research, either one of these oils could have worked singularly. But, I wanted to be sure to eradicate the hiccups so I used them in tandem.

Super Quick Cure For Hiccups


Young Living Lemon Oil
Young Living Roman Chamomile
Paper Bag (optional)


Open both bottles of essential oils.
Hold the open bottles about 1-2 inches from you nose.
Take a series of 4-6 very deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

That’s it, your hiccups should be gone! If you have an exceptionally stubborn case of hiccups, add one drop each of Lemon and Roman Chamomile to a small paper sack. Breathe slowly through the paper sack, inflating and deflating the bag as you breathe, for a minute or so.

Another method I read about but have not tried is a drop of peppermint oil, diluted in a carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed, and placed on the roof of your mouth. I have not tried this method, but I’m almost hoping for another bout of hiccups just so I can!!

*If you’d like to learn more about Young Living essential oils, contact me, I’d love to share the knowledge. I’m not here to sell you anything or sign you up. But of course, if you’d like to sign up for Young Living (my member #1402219) I’d be happy to help. I don’t hold parties, I don’t have a team, and do not actively sell, just being a Young Living member has saved me so much on my oils, it’s worth it in and of itself!

**I am not a doctor and do not play one online. This is not meant to be misconstrued for medical advice. I’m simply sharing what has worked for me.

What are some of the zaniest hiccup treatments you’ve tried?? Did they work?


Yeast Diaper Rash Treatment

home remedy for diaper rash
I’ve been cleaning up this blog, going through old posts and categories. I was excited when I came across an old post of a recipe for wipes solution.

When I had Bram almost 7 years ago, I ventured into the world of cloth diapers.  I L-O-V-E cloth diapers. During that time, I learned so much about cloth, essential oils, home remedies and (who would have guessed) yeast.

Yeast can be a problem for babies, whether they cloth diaper or not.  In fact, knowing what I know now,  I realize family members whose children battled constant diaper rashes, were probably battling yeast.  I wish I could have helped them then.

Yeast can also be an issue for nursing moms. Yeast (thrush) can be passed from mom (burning, red, sore nipples) to baby (mouth and diaper yeast/rash) and back again.  On and on until everyone is miserable.

Let’s see what we can do about that, shall we?

In addition to using cloth diapers, I also made my own wipes solution.  I would soak wash cloths or paper towels in the solution to clean up messy diapers.  Over time, I found my children never got yeast (or diaper rash of any sort) whenever I used my own wipes solution.  So this more of a yeast diaper rash treatment, than a simple wipes solution recipe.  The combination of ingredients really nourishes the skin and keep the yuckies at bay.

If your baby has been battling with yeast – or any diaper rash.  Give this recipe a try.  It worked wonders for us!

Baby Wipes Solution

Prep time 5 minutes
This is an easy, make at home recipe for baby wipes solution. This is easy on baby's bum as well as good for diaper and yeast rashes.


  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/2 cup Aloe Vera Juice
  • 1/4 cup White Vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon Oil (I use grapeseed or olive)
  • 3 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil (I use Young Living)
  • 3 Drops Skin-Safe Essential Oil Of Your Choice (I use Lavender, Chamomile and/or Bergamot)


Step 1 Combine all ingredients in a container with a secure lid.
Step 2 Shake or stir until well combined.
Step 3 I like to store my wipes solution in the closed container and dip washcloths or paper towels as needed. You may also store your cloths or paper towels in the solution so they are ready to go when you like.

Essential Oils for Irritated Vaccinations

Red Vaccination Bump
Last week I took Amelie for her 15 month well-baby check up.  She’s technically 17 months…but who’s counting?  I like to delay vaccinations a little bit.  She received the DTaP vaccine.  Within a matter of hours she had a hard, red, angry lump on her thigh at the vaccination spot.  It was raw looking, hot and sore to the touch.  What this picture does not show is how raised the lump was.  It looked like a marble under her skin. I did all the medically correct things, baby advil, warm and cold compresses, and giving it time.

Sore Vaccine

48 hours later there was no improvement and my mommy worry was beginning to kick in.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I like to try to do things the natural way as much as possible.  I’ve had a long standing interest in essential oils and have used them for issues like congestion, diaper rash and anxiety.  So when Ami’s lump looked worse rather than better, I consulted my essential oil gurus and got great advice on what to use.

Look at the difference essential oils made in just 3 hours!!!

Treating vaccines with essential oils

24 hours later the angry lump was practically gone!!!

Vaccine reaction

Really, I could not believe the difference.  I am SO glad I took pictures or I might not have believed it myself.  Here’s what I did:  I gave Amelie 3 topical essential oil applications in 24 hours.

1st and 2nd application: 1 drop of lavender oil & 1 drop of thieves oil

3rd application: 1 drop lavender oil, 1 drop thieves oil, 1 drop clove oil, 1/4 tsp jojoba oil

I simply rubbed the oils together in the palm of my hand, and gently massaged them onto the vaccination site.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use therapeutic grade oils (not aromatherapy) and be sure to DILUTE clove oil or it may burn the skin.

You can see the progression.  Considering there had been NO improvement in 48 hours, then suddenly…this.  I’m impressed!