Read Worthy 08.16.14

Weekend Read Worthy Links

I’m so excited to share this week’ read worthy posts!  All I can say about them is: smart, smart, smart!  So much thought and wisdom packed between their lines! Enjoy.

US History Takes A Drastic Left Turn This FallWND Education ~ It never ceases to amaze me what some feel is not worthy of a history book.  I know, in the scope of a classroom, we can’t fit in everything.  However cutting out founding fathers? Concentrating on the debate of history rather than facts? No thanks.

California Parents Defeat ‘Pornographic’ Sex Education BookThe Blaze ~ Way to go California! Really, if the pictures in a book for high school freshmen are too graphic to show on television…do you think, maybe, they might be too much for the kids?  I’m so glad parents stood together to put an end to this.

Blogging Through Brokenness A Moment With M.O.M. ~ This post really struck me through the heart.  Why?  Because I’ve felt I’ve been walking through a valley for a long time now.  Feeling broken and lost.  I’m finally, thankfully, coming out the other side with new hope and vision.  You can too!  Take heart in Mrs. Wood’s words and love for the Lord.

In Light Of Fallen Men: How Christian Leaders Can Avoid The AbyssKendra Fletcher ~ Yes. Just yes to all of it. You know that moment when you’re growing up and you suddenly realize your parents aren’t perfect?  In fact, they’re really flawed. That’s a hard moment.  Many of us have that moment within our church family as well when a member’s sin suddenly glares for everyone to see. There is so much wisdom in this post on how leaders can avoid the abyss and how we can avoid the disappointment, in healthy ways.

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