Printable Homeschool Goals And Objectives

It’s (almost) that time of year again – back to school time! 

Printable goals and objectives for homeschool

We’re now in Maryland, however when we lived in Pennsylvania, (almost) back to school time meant paperwork time for me.  Every year I had to submit a goals and objectives form, along with a myriad of other documents.  After a couple years of agonizing over what to include in my goals and objectives form, I got smart.

Why not have one form that I could submit year after year??  One that covered all the legally required information, but was broad enough to give me wiggle room should we decide to change curriculum mid-year.  Brilliant!

That’s when I came up this printable homeschool goals and objectives form.  Each year, all I had to do was print, add the child’s name and the school year, and BAM, done!

This form covers all the necessary subjects with a broad brush, concentrating more on advancement of skills than curriculum.  Enjoy!  I hope it saves you time, energy and unnecessary stress.

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6 thoughts on “Printable Homeschool Goals And Objectives

  1. Thank you for posting this :):)! Homeschooling in PA isn’t easy, but this will really help out! 🙂 Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! I live in PA and this is the second year I am using this. I’m also passing it along to my friends.

  3. Hi! I have seen this and similar objectives. I also live in PA. I am starting home school this year with my 6-year old and 7-year old. The 6-year old will be doing Kindergarten. He completed preschool and two years of PK, so he is more than ready academically now. I am wondering how to tweak the objectives to say that he is starting some of this, not continuing it. Or if I should just stick in a couple of examples in parentheses.
    My 7-year old will be in 2nd grade, and he’s been doing really well in the school setting. We think we can just accomplish a whole lot more variety (he wants to learn Latin) in a more efficient use of time doing it at home. (Plus, we can’t afford private school for four kids, looking down the road a few years!).
    Any advice on the Kindergarten objectives would be helpful. I’ve found lengthy 4 page type things, and I suppose I can figure out how to condense some of it.

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