Would You Like Cheese With That Whine? Keeping A Positive Attitude About Living Dairy Free

Going dairy free, when you’re used to a dairy-full lifestyle can be difficult.  Suddenly the foods you loved are off limits and substitutes just aren’t the same.

Dairy Free Positive

No pizza.

No ice cream.

No au gratin potatoes.

No yogurt.

No gooey casseroles.

No, no, no.

No fun.

Believe me, I know.  When I self-diagnosed my dairy allergy and realized I needed to eat dairy free, like forever, I internally mourned for all those foods I suddenly lost. And that was okay.  There’s nothing wrong with being sad over giving up things you love.

Just don’t stay in that dark place.  Whining and complaining about something you can’t change doesn’t help anyone – especially yourself. If you’re negative, others will be too.  And you need encouragement during this journey.

Allow yourself a period of mourning, then jump into your new eating lifestyle with zest!  Try new dairy free foods – you might be surprised with what you find!  I’ve found I love coconut milk yogurt more than the “real” thing.

Also, be patient.  When you’re used to eating dairy, your taste buds will likely need time to adjust to non dairy foods.  Take your time.  You might want to consider avoiding all dairy and dairy free foods for a while.  Going from cow milk to rice milk can be a shock.  Going from nuthin’ to rice milk can be a positive experience simply because you want SOMETHING creamy. Ha!

Do your best to keep a positive attitude and good things will come.  You’re going to have to be dairy free for a long time, you might as well be happy doing it.

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