Not Bitter About Blissdom..Anymore

You remember that post I wrote about how this year’s word is REDEMPTION? And how I planned on sharing, throughout the year, ways God has blessed and redeemed things in my life? Well, this is one of those times.

I’m 26 weeks along in this blessed pregnancy – our baby girl is due in June. I know, once I have the baby I’ll be sticking close to home. I usually become a hermit for about a year after my babies are born. I don’t even like to go out to dinner.

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I had planned to go to Savvy Blogging in October – but knowing I wouldn’t be up to it with a 4 month old, I sold my ticket. I will of course be at The 2:1 Conference in April (you will too right?!?) But being that Blissdom was happening in February I started scheming a way to go in order to fit in one more conference before my self imposed exile.

Someone had offered me a ticket and my sweet friend Rachel had offered to let me room with her. All I needed was a sponsor for my flight. I came close – but didn’t get one, so my Blissdom dreams evaporated. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to squish in as much social media madness as I could before I have the baby.

But I knew if I couldn’t go God had a reason. I trusted He would reveal His reason.

And He did. He fully redeemed my Blissdom weekend with a different kind of bliss. The kind of bliss only available through family time and contentment.


(Far left-right: my aunt, Grandma’s sister Anita, my mom, me, my Grandma, Grandma’s sister Carrie and my cousin)

I was able to spend time with my Grandma. She is savoring her last months with family and friends while riding the roller coaster of brain cancer – glioblastoma. In addition to seeing Grandma, I got to meet her sisters who flew in from different states.

It was hilarious to sit with them – in their 70s they all still bicker like kids. And I got to hear some lively stories! Apparently Grandma was ornery. She told stories of the whippings she and her sisters used to get for the mischief they caused – and how they would wrap magazines around their legs, under their nightgowns, to avoid the pain of their punishment.

My favorite story was how Grandma and her sisters felt the need to kill bugs in their basement – by drowning them – with the garden hose -while their mother was napping. There was almost 6 inches of water in the basement before their mother woke and caught them!

It was also nice to get to meet my Great Aunt Carrie – I shared stories about her time in Lybia back when we were going to move there. It was like a first time meeting with someone I felt I already knew.

It was a magical time. One I wouldn’t trade for all the conferences in the world.

God truly redeemed my weekend.

And I am grateful.

3 thoughts on “Not Bitter About Blissdom..Anymore

  1. Sorry I wasn’t around online for a while so I’m late at your blog.
    Love the family photo! Hope you will have many lovely hours left with your grandmother. Cherish the moment. Isn’t it great to listen to all those lovely old stories. I love that. 
    I agree, sometimes it’s our destiny to follow a different path than the one we had planned. Not always easy but sometimes we’ll know later why…
    Good to read you and your girl are doing fine! 

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