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Netflix For Moms

It’s time for another Netflix For Moms! That’s when I share my picks for great shows for moms, available via Netflix through their mailing option or instant streaming. And I have another great one for you!

My latest binge-worthy series and Netflix pick is Call The Midwife.

This period drama set in impoverished East London in the 1950s follows a newly qualified midwife and her colleagues at a nursing convent.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, not just for entertainment value, but because it touches the heart. Birth stories and more are told from the viewpoint of the main character, Nurse Lee, looking back at her midwifery career.

However, Nurse Lee doesn’t just recount her tales.  She shares them from the vantage point of the wisdom of her older self, looking back.

Call The Midwife touches on fun subjects like dating, marriage, healthy births, faith, and the beauty of female friendship. And, it also delves into the more difficult side of life, poverty, teen pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth, death, and more.

This is a heartwarming series.  You’ll love it if you enjoy a good birth story, or like taking a peek into the underbelly of poverty – and the heart it takes to navigate it with love and class.

Watch it today!

If you just can’t wait, you can buy Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3on Amazon – that’s the whole series.

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