My New Summer Space #HomeschoolMinimalist

I had an epiphany this week! I kind of stumbled upon it by accident…due to a rickety old bookshelf.

I had decided to finally clear off the bookshelf. Two of my teens graduated in 2014. The third, my husband’s other brother, was sent back to live with his father, my father-in-law, a few months ago…but that’s another post about prodigals. Today we’re focusing on my happy epiphany. As I said, I was cleaning off the bookshelf…

It was a mess. Algebra and Calculus books, Civics and British Literature (for THREE students). Once I got everything off the shelves, it practically collapsed. Years of abuse brought it down. Literally.

So there I was, frustrated. I had planned to replace all the upper-level materials with beautiful living-book readers I’ve collected over the years. I had visions of plucking a different piece of relevant and heart-touching literature off the shelves each week. But, alas, it was not to be.

And sister, I wasn’t about to run out in the middle of the afternoon and buy a new bookshelf. Not happening.

And that was when I decided I would pack up everything except our summer essentials. I had an old cart out in the den collecting dust. So, I packed up all my teen materials and beloved elementary literature and put on the cart only what we needed for summer.

And I could hear the angels singing.


I’ve never been a minimalist. I’m a bit of a clutter bug. I love books and things. Any empty space is a display shelf. Am I right?

But this, this is new, and I think I love it. I don’t feel pressure to start cracking the books. I don’t feel overwhelmed and closed in. I just feel laid back, looking at that cart. So I think I’m going to start implementing more minimalization in our homeschool.

We’ll be starting Classical Conversations in the fall. And rather than trying to make CC work with all the materials, I’m going to make the relevant materials work with CC.  Freedom feels good!!

What’s on my cart?

The top shelf has math manipulatives, pens, pencils, sharpeners and Bibles

The second shelf has the subjects we are keeping up over the summer (on a light schedule for retention): Our favorite reading curriculum from Memoria Press, Math-U-See, a book on science unit studies (for interest led science), and the Apologia Field Trip Journal for recording the summer fun.

The bottom shelf has dictionaries, maps, atlases, and nature journals.

And, we’re set for summer!

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