Learn More About Mexico With Coloring Pages #MexGeography

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How much do you know about Mexico? Want to learn more? With Cinco de Mayo just over a week away, now is the perfect time to delve a little deeper into this fascinating country.

I was given the opportunity to review Mexico: Coloring Book and Geography Study by Tap and Katie Horner. I thought I knew quite a bit about Mexico, having taught on this topic during an “Around the World” class at co-op, but I realized there is so much more to learn!

Mexico: Coloring Book and Geography Study is a great overview of Mexico and its geography, as well as a wonderful place to start for an in depth study. It’s super easy to navigate with the states listed in alphabetical order. And I especially love that the coat of arms for each state is also shared – that’s a fun easy way to add art to each lesson.

The clean, simple, coloring pages display plenty of information including the state, capital, its location within Mexico and trivia-type facts. If you would like to take your study deeper, there are also notebooking pages for heroes, monuments, climate and more, plus a resource/book list is included. There is a lot of information packed in this study.

Mexico Coloring Pages

MexicoGeographyGet yours today. This ebook is offered in English, Spanish, as well as a bilingual bundle! Wouldn’t that be a great addition to your language study?

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