Instagrammers To Follow

Instagrammers to FollowI’ve recently developed an unhealthy love of Instagram. It has officially knocked the formerly beloved Twitter out of my “#1 Social Media Platform” spot. I’m on it nearly every day. Several times a day. Ahem.

I love it because it’s not as constricting, as far as folks staying 100% within their niche, 100% of the time.

I’ve gotten to see different sides of my blogging friends, and connect with others I might not have crossed paths with elsewhere.

So, I thought I’d take a moment to share some Instagrammers I follow, who’ve caught my eye for a variety of reasons. In no particular order…

Instagrammers To Follow



I’ve known Jamie for years. In fact she’s the official 2:1 Conference photographer. She’s always taken great photos. But lately I’ve truly enjoyed her fitness photos. She’s been on a journey to get fit, encourage others to do the same, and become a personal trainer! If that’s not enough, she blogs at See Jamie Blog, is passionate about adoption, and has two of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever see.



Colleen is another 2:1 team sweetheart I’m blessed to call friend. But she’s more than sweet. She’s smart as a whip. Colleen has a seemingly unending supply of creative ideas for homeschooling gifted children and occupying little hands. You might already know her from Raising Lifelong Learners. ¬†She is a wealth of knowledge, and shares that knowledge freely.



I’ve never met Paddles Towards The Sun, and I cannot pronounce her name. But, I remember when I first followed her after stumbling across a gorgeous water shot she took from her kayak. If you love jaw-droppingly gorgeous photos of nature, and aquatic nature, check her out. Sometimes she even shares really neat video from microscopic creatures found on her outings.



Tiffany is another one of my favorite fitness junkies to follow. She is a Beachbody coach and Encouragement should be her middle name. Always upbeat and fun, she helps keep me on track and stay motivated. You’ll love her contagious smile, fitness motivation and humble heart. It’s clear her goal is to help followers be the best they can be. As she always says #BeASizeYOU.



I’ve known Tonya since a blogger’s group from way back. She used to homeschool, but her children have all graduated. Tonya is a travel blogger that is always on the move somewhere! Her main area of travel is in Ohio, but she will often visit surrounding states. I love to stalk her feed because she has an eye for funky, eclectic sights you won’t see from other travel bloggers. Fun!



I love to follow Laura because I learn so much from her. This girl is brand savvy! She shares her brand-based adventures in photos, and when she’s not, she’s usually making an appearance on the local news. She is a bargain blogger, but you won’t be overwhelmed with deals and steals. Laura shares a healthy balance of campaigns and home life.



Jodi is one of my Young Living oily favorites. I often learn about new uses for oils, or blends, from fer feed. She educates without pushing, and I like that! She welcomes you into her home, where she diffuses oils, with subtle humor. She has an eye for great color and angles, which keeps her shots interesting.


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