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Here I am again.  New Year.  Eyeing 2013 with all the hope and promise of a newborn baby.  I love hope, it’s such a beautiful gift…no matter what trials we face, all is not lost until we lose hope.  The faintest hope (which I feel is related to faith the size of a mustard seed) will give us the strength to weather the storm.

What a year was 2012.  Lots of stress, lots.  Both good and bad stress.

Good – pregnancy and all that goes with it.  A new baby – beautiful and sweet and more wonderful than I deserve.  The successful hosting of my first conference in which many hearts were blessed, marriges strengthened and blogs grown.  Bad – financial woes, a broken fridge and dishwasher, a totaled van, the deaths of 3 grandparents, a hospitalization of that sweet baby with a kidney infection, and more…but let’s not dwell on all that.

Yes, I think I was correct when I considered naming 2012 “Year Craptastica“.  It was a challenging year, the most challenging we’ve had in a very long time.

But in all the difficulty, God saw us through.  He never let us down, not once, and showed up in many surprising ways.  It was all Redeemed.  And I am thankful.

So, as I look toward 2013 I can’t help but wonder, what will this year hold?  Part of me is fearful, the other part is so full of bursting hope I can hardly contain myself.  I’m no longer niave enough to think this year, this month, this moment, will be without challenges.  It’s only January 2nd and I’ve already had to shout “Get thee behind me Satan” on more than one occasion.  Even so, I hope.

This fresh start is ahead of us – a year of fresh snow, untrodden.  May the footprints I add to the landscape be positive, helpful, for the good.

As for what I’m going to name this year…I don’t think I’m going to do that this time.  I’ve done a yearly theme for quite some time and this year, I think I’m ready for resolutions once again.  So here they are, my 2013 resolutions in order of priority:  In 2013…

I resolve to make the most of the time with my eldest, Fox.  He will be 17 in March, and I will too soon have to turn him over to adulthood.

I resolve to strive to be the wife and mom I want to be with well laid priorities and a strict schedule for my online time, and to adhere to that schedue so that my relationship with my husband and all the children can flourish.

I resolve to become debt-free.  We will no lomger be a slave to bills, we will be free to follow God’s calling.

I resolve to continue to lose weight until I reach my goal weight of 135lbs, and to maintain that weight within +/-3lbs.

This is what I resolve.

4 thoughts on “I Resolve

  1. You are so courageous. I fear even using the ‘r’ word! It makes sense that the year you blessed so many with 2:1 you would also face insurmountable obstacles. Satan can’t stand it when we encourage one much less many!

    I pray the Lord will insulate you from discouragement and defeat as the weeks begin to count down in earnest to this year’s conference. May he bless your family and enable you to see him walking with you this year. 

  2. OK, so I totally misread that first sentence and thought you said “Eying the promise OF a newborn baby”. And I said SLOW DOWN, girl! LOL.  Happy New Year. You are more than a conqueror!

  3. Girl, you are so in the right place. Just keep on saying, “Get thee behind me” and marching onward in the race. Remember to also be easy on yourself~ you have a tiny one that is sucking energy. But you can do it! God will show you exactly what to put your energy to each day.

    I think I am going to print out my goals for the year and hang them where I can see them each day. {I am totally out of sight, out of mind.}

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