The Great Storage Room Clean Up

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Oh, what a week!  I was busy, and focused.  This week the desire of my heart was to clean out our mess of a storage room. When I say mess, I mean mess.  And I did it!  It took me four days of hard work but the room is empty.  Woot!  Tomorrow the room will be reclaimed as a bedroom. Finally!

Let me back up and give you a little more context so you can understand how much sweat and tears went into cleaning this room…

We’ve been playing musical bedrooms for some time.  As we’ve had children, and moved in grandparents, the big boys have been shuffling bedrooms around for some time.  Thankfully they don’t see to mind.

We’re in the middle of another shuffle that calls for two of the big boys to move down from the third floor, to the second floor.  This was not a big deal because their old room on the second floor was empty.  Well…not so much empty as unused.

Two years ago, after the boys moved to the third floor, their room became my “storage area”.  And by storage area, I mean the place I stuck everything I didn’t have time, or make time, to organize or find a home for.  It became the dumping ground.  Packed full of boxes and junk.

I called it the Pit Of Despair (name that movie!).

You could open the door and take two steps into the room. That was it.  I didn’t know where to begin.  I was overwhelmed.  I knew this was going to be a tough task because it was a large room, filled to bursting.

However I’m proud to say after 4 days (averaging about 4 hours a day) of sorting, moving, throwing away junk and cleaning, the room is empty!!  Tomorrow morning it will become a bedroom once again!!

Empty Bedroom

I am so proud of myself!  

Now, I am in no way finished.  I referred to this week as The Great Storage Room Clean Up Phase 1:  Purge.  I spent four days deciding what to keep and what to throw away.  Everything we’re keeping (boxes and boxes of books!) was stacked in my office.  They will sit there until Monday when I begin Phase 2: Organize.

Next week will consist of moving everything down to the real storage room on the 1st floor – which is a tiny “bedroom” the size of some walk people’s in closets.   I’ll also be separating the room into two sections – 1) stuff I’m really keeping (craft supplies, old paperwork, photos, vacation souvenirs) and 2) stuff I’m keeping for an upcoming yard sale.

After that, everything will have to wait until I’m retired and have time to actually enjoy those crafts or scrapbook those photos. Ha!

That was the focus of my week.  Not very exciting, I know but I feel SO GOOD having accomplished the goal, that I can hardly wait to move on to Phase 2!



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  1. Is it weird that I wanted to comment just because I knew the movie reference??? Princess Bride

    Also I’m pretty much in love with your floors. I want hard wood in the home The Mr and I own one day. 🙂

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