Fruitful Thursdays : Love is a 3AM Prayer

Welcome back to Fruitful Thursdays, a series in which I explore the fruits of spirit, share my struggles in living by them and explain what they mean to me. This month is all about the first fruit of the spirit, love.

Last week I studied what the Bible has to say about love. I had an epiphany in which I realized love, all by itself, encapsulates all the fruits of the spirit. In her comment on that post, Suanna summed it up beautifully with Colossians 3:14 which says:

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

Isn’t that perfect? Thanks Suanna! This week I was going to post on different ways I should demonstrate love in my life, but in the wee hours of Tuesday morning I had another epiphany, an experience that showed me what love really is. And my friends, love is a 3AM prayer.
My husband and I have been wrestling with making some important decisions. I won’t bore you with the details now because this is not about us, it’s about Him. But I will tell you they are of the “what’s next, what road should we take, what direction should we go as a family” variety. We don’t know what’s best, go here, go there, hurry, wait, stay…we just don’t know.
And while it would be very easy to do what we want, we’ve made the decision to seek God’s will and do what He wants us to do. The trouble is, we don’t know what He wants. We’ve prayed, and listened, but aren’t hearing and now we’re growing weary.
So this found us both awake, tossing and turning from 1AM on. We didn’t speak, we each stayed on our own sides of the bed, each lost in our own little world of thought, prayer and worry. Until finally around 3AM we both turned to face each other.
We took each others’ hands and I asked my husband to pray.
It was a beautiful moment and I feel I received my answer (I’ll share more about that on Tuesday). But what made it so beautiful was not only the connection and love I felt for and from my husband, it was beautiful because of the connection and love I felt for and from my God.
He was there, in the dark room at 3AM when I felt so alone and confused. He cared that I was confused, he cared that I was weary, he cared that I was tired of praying and asking for answers.
He was there. Who else will ALWAYS be there for you at 3AM? When there is no one else, He will be there. When there is no one to talk to, He will listen. When no one cares, He will comfort. That, my friends, is love.

“Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.” Deuteronomy 7:9


7 thoughts on “Fruitful Thursdays : Love is a 3AM Prayer

  1. An incredible post, Sweet Friend! I am learning to appreciate the restless nights when my mind will not calm and I find myself in prayer more and more. And we too know the feeling of seeking God’s will but not knowing what exactly that means for us! Will be praying for direction for you as well!

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