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It’s that time of year, when Christian parents everywhere rack their brains to come up with fun, faith-filled, activities for Easter. Lucky for them, and me, all the work has been done for us by Egglo Enteratinment. I recently had the opportunity to review some of their egg-cellent products via the TOS Review Crew.

In my shipment, I received:


About Egglo Entertainment

Egglo products focus on the true meaning of Easter – Jesus. The glowing eggs represent the light of Jesus and offer an opportunity for children to realize the meaning behind Jesus being the light of the world. This is based on John 1:5 The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. (Amen!)

My Impressions

I am very happy with the entire set of products. The glowing eggs are sturdy, bright, and fun.  The scrolls are just plain adorable, and based on scripture. The stickers – my kids love stickers, especially the 2 year old! The book is my absolute favorite (more about that below). And, the PDF Curriculum has great ideas and coloring pages that would be great for any group such as co-op or church.

My Favorite

Egglo BookMy favorite was the book. This took me by surprise because what I was really looking forward to was experimenting with the glowing eggs. However, I highly encourage you to include the Eggcellent Adventure book in your purchase.

Not only is it beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors, it also does a wonderful job of tying together all the elements of the Egglo “eggsperience”.  From the eggs, to the scrolls, to (most importantly) the truth of the Word on which Easter is based. It’s all in the book in a fun adventure format.

Everyone Else’s Favorite

Glow in the dark eggs

Of course, everyone else’s favorite had to be the eggs. Why?  Well, first because they glow – the kids love that!  Second, because they were filled with scrolls and stickers. The scrolls were exceptionally cute because they work – tiny hands can unroll a little scroll for a special message inside.  Of course, it helped that mama added candy to them as well.  What’s an Easter egg without some sugar, right?

I appreciated that the eggs came in three different colors. That way, both of my younger children could have a color they liked.  Also, you can mix and match the top and bottoms so each egg has two colors.  That makes it easy for Sunday School settings where you might want to have egg colors which will appeal to all kids.

Overall, I enjoyed our Egglo experience.  This kit will definitely be part of this year’s Easter celebration.  What most appeals to you about Egglo?

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