DIY Starbucks Lighted Garland – So Wrong It’s Right

DIY Starbucks Lighted Garland

Let me preface this post by saying, I’m NOT a crafty person. I want to be. I dream of making my own Christmas wreaths and picture frames and you name it. But whenever I try, the result ends up far from the dream. And looking like something a toddler made. Actually, my toddler could probably do a better job.

So when I craft, it has to be easy. Fool-proof easy. Like, three steps max. So, if you’re craft-challenged like me you’ll love this easy, lovely, Starbucks Lighted Garland.

DIY Garland

This whole idea came about via a Facebook post. You like my blog on Facebook, right?

I had been frustrated with all the attention over the Starbucks “cup controversy” because really, it’s just one uber sensitive conservative making the rest of us conservatives look bad. Isn’t that always the way? It only takes one high-on-his-horse nut job to make the rest of us look crazy.

Of course, there are more left-wing nut jobs, but who’s counting? `\_(“,)_/’

In fact, the other day Shane and I were discussing how nice it would be if there were no Republican, Democratic and Independent parties. We should be divided as ultra-conservatives, ultra-liberals, and moderates. We moderates could rule the world and the “ultra” parties could whip themselves into regular frenzies. No harm done to the rest of us.

But I digress…

Starbucks Cup

photo credit: Starbucks / Red cup ornament

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Starbucks cup controversy – how the Christian conservatives were offended by the fact that Starbucks coffee cups were plain red this year, and didn’t say the word Christmas. (Though it was really drama started by one malcontent.)

I was frustrated with the silliness of it. After all, Starbucks has never professed to be a Christian brand. So I facetiously commented on Facebook that I was going to decorate my Christmas tree with Starbucks cups. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

To which my friend Heather replied with a link to a post from Hey Gorgeous about DIY Dixie Cup garland and an idea took shape.

I was consumed with a need to get to Starbucks and see if they’d sell me a bunch of their Tall red cups.

Cake Pops

I promised my little ones hot cocoa and cake pops and off we went. They went for the goodies, I went for the cups (and a decaf, vanilla cappuccino with coconut milk).

With a big smile on my face I asked the cashier if he’d sell me some of the Tall cups. He said he’d be happy to give me one. To which I explained that I’d need at least 20 for a craft I wanted to do because of all the hoopla.

This is when the barista piped in and made my day. “We have sample size cups in the back you could use. Would they be too small?”




I explained that size would be even better and they sent me on my very merry way with a whole sleeve of tiny red cups. I took note of the Advent calendars and Christmas blend coffee on my way out. Ahem.

Starbucks Christmas Cup


And here we are. A super easy, fun, pretty, craft that also makes a political statement.

  1. Acquire some of those festive red Starbucks cups (preferably sample size).
  2. Grab a string of LED Christmas lights in the color and length of your choosing.
  3. Using an Exacto knife, or something else precise, cut a small X in the bottom of each cup. Seriously, small! You can make it bigger if need be, but if you start too big the cup will slide off the light.
  4.  Carefully slip the string bulbs through the X at the bottom of the cup, so that the Starbucks cup becomes a globe for the light.
  5. Wrap them with green pine garland if you like.
  6. Sit back and admire your work.

SAFETY WARNING: Use LED lights! If you do not use LED lights DO NOT leave these plugged in for long. And, never leave them unattended! Regular lights will get HOT and could be a RISK FOR FIRE!

So, what do you think? Do you likey?


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