Dig-It! Games Mayan Mysteries Review

As part of the TOS Review Crew I was given the opportunity to review Mayan Mysteries from Dig-It! Games. Below are my thoughts about this online game that was created to be both fun and educational.

Mayan Mysteries Game

What do homeschoolers always say?  That learning should be fun! Right? So why is it we often have an aversion to online or video games? I don’t know. I think maybe it’s just the stigma. You know, from back in the day when video games just meant eating pac-dots.

Now games have so much more to offer! Dig-It Games takes you on an archaeological adventure and into the Mayan civilization through a series of puzzles and clues which help the player solve mysteries. It’s critical thinking and history combined.

What I Liked

Historically Based

Dig It! Games Review

After the player navigates a series of common-day challenges they are transported back in time. While there is a fun storyline and adventure, Mayan Mysteries Online Game has done a good job of sticking to what is know about Mayan life. Players get to explore what we know about the daily life of the Mayan people. They learn about social structure and the political culture.

This is all done with a “broad brush” and fun fashion. However, I like this approach because it’s easy to tie in the game with our other studies.

“Dig” Deeper

Online Mayan Game

As I was saying above, it’s easy to tie in this game with other studies to dig a little deeper (see what I did there 😉 ) into this fascinating period in history.

Dig-It Games provides an in-game encyclopedia which includes over 450 interesting tidbits for the player to use and expand. In addition to the encyclopedia, you can take advantage of provided maps and quizzes. So, this can truly be incorporated as part of school.

So ahead, assign your child to play Mayan Mysteries Online Games for an hour. That’ll teach them a lesson! For real.

Affordability and Convenience

Dig It! Games Review
Mayan Mysteries Online Game is available to play online, or you can download it on your iOS device. Your child has the ability to play wherever they can get online. I personally think this would be a great way to keep kids busy learning when mom is busy – like when you’re waiting for other children to finish up at co-op.

Or when you need a quiet moment to balance the checkbook. Just sayin.

To download this game for a single user, the price is only $3.99.  That’s highly affordable!  Even large families can’t argue with that deal.  However there is also a classroom edition for $189.99.  This could be a great investment for a school or co-op.

Versions I’d Like To See

At such an affordable price, and the wealth of educational material, it’s hard to pick any drawbacks for this game.

However, I always give balanced reviews so if I had any constructive criticism it would be that I’d love to see a less reading-intensive version for younger learners. Or, a version that would better cater to struggling readers.

The Mayan Mysteries Online Game was created more for upper elementary students. While my 8 year old, new 3rd grader can enjoy the game itself and the myriad of activities, I would love to see a version he could play by himself with little prompting from mom. And I know he’d enjoy it too!

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Dig-It! Games Review


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