Christian Homeschool Blogger Conference? Gulp!

UPDATE: Planning for this conference is underway, check it out!!

That’s right. A Christian Homeschool Blogger Conference!

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you probably know this has been on my heart for a long time. Late last night, while chatting on Twitter, the desire to get things moving hit me full force. I tweeted about it with a few of my IRL/Blog friends and found there’s actually quite a bit of interest!
So much so, that we’ve already received positive feedback from our first possible sponsor!
Details will be slowly coming out as they are confirmed but this is what I can tell you so far:
  • This conference will be for Christian Homeschool Bloggers
  • Topics will include both Homeschooling and Blogging
  • This will be a rather intimate conference, not huge
  • It will be in Spring 2011, probably May
  • It will be in the Washington DC area (a great place to take a family field trip!)
What I need from you:
  • Prayer – we need generous, Christ centered sponsors to keep costs down (which includes ticket costs)
  • Comment – Let me know if you’re interested, what topics you’d like to cover and who you’d like to hear speak

26 thoughts on “Christian Homeschool Blogger Conference? Gulp!

  1. How exciting! Susan Wise Bauer is an *excellent* speaker and I think she lives in that general area. Of course, that’s the height of homeschool convention season, so she may already be booked.

    You’re right, though…excellent family field trip material.

  2. Sounds like great fun — but since i live almost as far as I can get from D.C and still be on the same continent, and we are likely to be preparing to visit various orphanages throughout the world,I will have to join you via podcast or blog posts. Great idea. And if you need to change it to the west coast, let me know, LOL.

  3. I am interested! I saw your Tweet about it the other day & wanted to run it by hubs. We were talking about taking a family trip to DC next year anyway. It would be great if we could do both. So depending on the date, hopefully we can try to come. I’ll be praying. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

  4. I so, so, so love this idea, but I’m light years away from D.C. I will sure be praying, though, cause I would LOVE to attend. Have you heard of ProBlogger? Christian and author and blogger- as a speaker?

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