Read Worthy 07.26.14

Read Worthy

This week I didn’t have as much time for online reading as I would have liked.  But I still stumbled across a few gems.  How about you?   If you know of a read worthy post, or if you wrote one yourself, leave me a link in the comments.  I’d love to check it out!

First Day of School PrintablesMy Sweet Sanity ~ The new school year is almost here, for some of you it may already have arrived!  These adorable printables are perfect for snapping a quick back to school photo for a great memory. Simple and done!

Coffee Filters to Cheese GratersFeels Like Home ~ Tara has put together a great resource to help you save money, space and sanity.  You’ll find new, different and surprising ways to use items you already have on hand.  With these tips you should be able to pare down on the overflowing kitchen tools.

Frugal Kitchen Cabinet MakeoverThe Happy Housewife ~ I loved the before and after pictures in this post.  Even if you’re not a fan of dark cabinets, you can appreciate the professional look and frugal price.  I’m adding this to my “I wanna” list for our downstairs bathroom.

Things You Never Knew About ColumbusBrain Bubble TV ~ I love Brain Bubble TV!  They offer educational shorts that are the perfect length for my son’s attention span.  I’m bookmarking this one Columbus Day in October.  It has fun facts…including a little tidbit about “Naughty Maria”.

Read Worthy 07.19.14

Read Worthy

I’ve really been enjoying sharing my picks for read worthy posts.  I hope you have too!  This week I have some new (to me) gems to share.  And again, they run the gamut from Bono to essential oils.

Bono’s Response To “Who Is Jesus?” – Charisma News ~ I guess I’m jaded, but when it comes to celebrity interviews I don’t expect much about faith.  That’s why I was impressed with this interview in which Bono simply, directly, without double talk or defense, shared his belief in Jesus – and who He truly is.

16 Actors With No TeethBuzz Feed Celeb ~ This is high school humor at its best, really.  However I couldn’t help but giggle my way down the page.  Do you need a lighthearted giggle that could easily turn into a belly laugh?  Here ya go.  My personal favorites are Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman.

The Day My Baby Was Burned By Ramen NoodlesSmockity Frocks ~ Connie’s daughter was terribly burnt. Just seeing the pictures made my heart hurt for them both. The rainbow on this dark cloud however, was Connie’s use of essential oils and how they helped immensely.  You all know my love of essential oils.  If you’re not yet an essential oil believer, this post may sway you.

Undercutting The Anti-Gun Argument ~ The Blaze ~ I try not to get too political on this blog, mainly because I don’t feel I know enough about politics to enter the debate arena. How ever there are few issues I am very passionate about, one of them being gun control. This article highlights the connection between armed citizens and lower crime.

Weekend Read Worthy 07.11.14

It’s time for another edition of Weekend Read Worthy! Here I share great posts around the web that inspire, educate or are just plain fun.  You know, posts that leave a lasting positive impression. Not fluff.

Weekend Read Worthy Links

How to Breastfeed AppropriatelyHuffington Post ~ A hilarious look society’s expectation of breastfeeding mothers and our pseudo-modesty. This post is a fabulous mockery.  What I love most, however, is that it is just as true as it is funny.  If you’ve ever attempted to breastfeed in public, you can identify.

Want Birth Control? Go Buy It.Nobody is Stopping You. The Matt Walsh Blog ~ This is the most educated, yet entertaining breakdown of the Hobby Lobby ruling I’ve read.  Tossing moot points aside, refusing to follow irrelevant rabbit trails, sticking to facts and the heart of the argument – that’s what this post entails.

5 Story Stones Ideas: Storytelling With RocksThe Artful Parent ~ What a brilliant yet simple idea!  And why didn’t I think of it??  This is a FABULOUS storytelling idea, especially for children who don’t enjoy reading or writing, can’t read or write, or are non-verbal. Love, love, love!

Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them BuzzFeed Video ~ Cat lovers will totally get and enjoy this short video of things cat do, reenacted by humans. I’m especially fond of the “meeting new people” clip. Heck, you might like this video even more if you hate cats!