Revisiting My Goals and Resolutions #60DaysNoExcuses

60DaysNoExcusesYesterday, I was thinking how excited I am to have reached my goal weight of 135 lbs, when I suddenly remembered this had been one of my New Year UNresolutions. So, of course I wondered what other goals I had set for myself.

I decided to review my goals for this year. Because, I have a tendency to set goals, lose focus, then be depressed when I don’t reach my goals.  I went back to my 2015 UNresolutions post and was pleasantly surprised to find I’m doing okay.

  • I accomplished goal #1 – BAM! (lose weight, reach 135 lbs.)
  • I also have been kicking butt on goal #6 – DOUBLE BAM! (distance myself from drama and people that cause it)
  • I’m doing a great job with #3 (getting and keeping my home organized, however my office is still a train wreck) so that’s still a work in progress.
  • Then I realized I’m no where near on par for goals #2 (to get fit), #4 (to be completely debt free), and #5 (be a better local friend).

From there I checked out my Life List, or bucket list as some call it. And you know what I had listed there as well? To get fit!

However, instead of getting upset, I got motivated. Seriously, if I can lose over 40lbs and get mostly-organized, I can do just about anything! Though, I have to be realistic. I’m the type of person who does best tackling one thing at a time. I figured getting completely debt free is going to take a bit longer 😉 and I’m not yet together enough to throw myself into new friendships. So, now is the time to get really fit!

I’ve been diligent about being active, but I’ve been hit-or-miss with really working out. I don’t want to put off being fully fit any longer!


So, starting Thursday the 30th, I’m challenging myself to give it my all for 60 days. I’ll be holding myself accountable by sharing my daily exercise with the hashtag #60DaysNoExcuses. 

I’m not trying to become a body builder, but I want muscle tone and definition! So, EVERY DAY for 60 days I will do some type of real work-out. I mostly plan to utilize PiYo, Denise Austin videos, and for the very busy days I will do 10 minute “around the house” workouts like sit-ups, chair dips and lunges. Of course if I get a a true workout through chores, you better believe I’ll count that too!

But the key is to really work. Really work. Not just activity. A brisk walk won’t count on these 60 days. Neither will playing with the kids at the park. I’m gonna work. I’m gonna sweat!

Now, I know you might be wondering, why 60 days? Well, for me, I don’t think 30 days will be enough to really ingrain workouts into my schedule. I’m a slow learner. Also, I think 60 days will be long enough to see some great results – which is what I want! I think I’ll be pretty close to actually being fit at the end of the 60 days.

And you know what I’ve learned? Once you reach your goal, it’s a lot easier to maintain than I thought. Dropping over 40 lbs was hard, very hard. I felt like I’d never be able to eat the foods I loved again. But, I’ve found that once I got to 135 lbs, staying here hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult. It just takes daily evaluation of my decisions. So, I’m trusting getting and staying fit will be the same. (If it’s not, just don’t tell me yet!)

I’d love it if you’d join me! If you can’t join me, then keep me accountable. Follow along and if I miss a day – call me out on it girlfriend!


Super Quick Cure For Hiccups

cure for hiccups
It had been a long day. Actually, it had been a really long few days.

Finally, I was able to crawl into bed at midnight. For months I’ve been diligent about going to bed and getting up at a decent time. So midnight is now quite late for this long-ago-night-owl. As I settled in, snug in my covers, it began…


“Hiccups? Hmm, that’s strange.” I thought. Hiccups are exceedingly rare for me. I get them a couple times a year, tops.




Hic, hic…


I laid there, tossing and turning. Exhausted but unable to sleep. Hiccuping every 10 seconds until my stomach hurt. I held my breath, I drank water, I took deep breaths. Nothing worked.  Then I remembered “duh, I have a bunch of essential oils, one of those has to help!” So, a little research and 2 minutes later, my hiccups were gone!  Completely!  I went and laid back down, waiting for the next hic to strike. It never came.

So what was my super quick cure for hiccups? Using my Young Living Essential Oils in Lemon and Chamomile. Now, according to my research, either one of these oils could have worked singularly. But, I wanted to be sure to eradicate the hiccups so I used them in tandem.

Super Quick Cure For Hiccups


Young Living Lemon Oil
Young Living Roman Chamomile
Paper Bag (optional)


Open both bottles of essential oils.
Hold the open bottles about 1-2 inches from you nose.
Take a series of 4-6 very deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

That’s it, your hiccups should be gone! If you have an exceptionally stubborn case of hiccups, add one drop each of Lemon and Roman Chamomile to a small paper sack. Breathe slowly through the paper sack, inflating and deflating the bag as you breathe, for a minute or so.

Another method I read about but have not tried is a drop of peppermint oil, diluted in a carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed, and placed on the roof of your mouth. I have not tried this method, but I’m almost hoping for another bout of hiccups just so I can!!

*If you’d like to learn more about Young Living essential oils, contact me, I’d love to share the knowledge. I’m not here to sell you anything or sign you up. But of course, if you’d like to sign up for Young Living (my member #1402219) I’d be happy to help. I don’t hold parties, I don’t have a team, and do not actively sell, just being a Young Living member has saved me so much on my oils, it’s worth it in and of itself!

**I am not a doctor and do not play one online. This is not meant to be misconstrued for medical advice. I’m simply sharing what has worked for me.

What are some of the zaniest hiccup treatments you’ve tried?? Did they work?


#FitBy1st Update


July was a loooooong month, but not for the reason you might think.  I made a commitment to myself to stay off the scale for 30 days.  I didn’t weigh myself the entire month of July.

Why did I do this?  Because I put too much power in the number.  Because if the scale didn’t move enough in a week I’d get upset and want to give up.  Because I’d try to sneak in mid-week weigh-ins and feel defeated.

I needed to take time to release myself from that cycle.

And for the most part it worked.  I will admit to you that it wasn’t easy…there were several nights I had to will myself away from the scale.  It was calling to me!

Of course I was on the scale first thing August 1st!  And you know what I found…not as much progress as I hoped.  I only lost 3 pounds in July.  Ugh.  I had a fleeting moment of disappointment.  Thankfully, it didn’t last too long.  Want to know why?

I realized that if I had been on the scale weekly, or more often, I would have become very discouraged, and I may have given up.  So, even though the progress has been slow, it’s still progress.  And the true success is not getting mired in discouragement.

No matter how small, progress is still progress.  I’m one more step closer to being #FitBy1st!!