Silent August


A Month Off Blogging

I’m taking August off from blogging. This summer is zooming by. I want to spend as much time as possible savoring moments with my family, not writing, publishing or promoting the next post.

I’ll still be around, sharing snippets of my life on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…and my new love, Vine. I just won’t be *here*. This site will be silent.

Have a fantastic summer (what’s left of it)! And try not to miss my witty commentary too much. I’ll see you in September.


"Cheryl is a blissfully married, homeschooling mom, with a passion for social media. She has a heart for family values and the brands that promote them. These combined interests led Cheryl to create a conference specifically for Christian bloggers who homeschool - the 2:1 Conference ( But here, she's simply a mom hoping to connect and encourage others."

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3 thoughts on “Silent August

  1. cessie

    Found it :)
    Like you I was having a ‘silent summer’ and am now trying to catch up on my online life again before the craziness will start off.
    Wish you a great Indian summer!

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