31 Days to a Somewhat Crunchy YOU – Crock Pots and Toaster Ovens

Hi everyone! Today is day 5 of the 31 Days to a Somewhat Crunchy YOU series. Thank you for stopping by! I’m really enjoying this series and am happy that it has been so well received. Today’s tip is about energy efficient cooking.
Crock Pots and Toaster Ovens are very energy efficient
This largely has to do with their size. It takes far less energy to heat a crock pot or small toaster oven than a full size oven. They are also better at containing the heat they produce. How many times, in the heat of summer, have you chosen to not fire up the oven because it will make the whole house hotter?
So save the oven for those big Christmas turkeys and use your crock pot for your run of the mill meat loaf :) The chart below, from BCHydro breaks it down by kilowatts:

Appliance Temperature Cooking Time Energy Use
Electric Oven 177°C (350°F ) 1 Hour 2.0 kWh
Convection Oven 163°C (325°F) 45 Minutes 1.39 kWh
Toaster Oven 232°C (450°F) 50 Minutes .95 kWh
Crockpot 93°C (200°F) 7 Hours .7 kWh
Microwave Oven “High” 15 Minutes .36 kWh
Looking at the chart, its easy to see just how much more efficient smaller cooking appliances can be. But an appliance is only as efficient as you allow it to be. So here’s a few quick tips to keep you cooking as efficient as possible:
  • If you are cooking a large piece of meat, cut it into halves or thirds for faster cooking
  • Cook your veggies with your roast so you will only need to use one appliance or cooking method
  • Keep the lid on and the door closed. Don’t keep peeking at your dish, allowing the heat to escape. Set your timer and use your nose to judge.
  • Unplug your appliance just before the dish is done. Allow the residual heat to finish the process.
  • Make sure your meats are fully thawed before cooking.
If you’re looking for some great crock pot recipes be sure to check out Smockity Frocks’ What’s in Your Crock Pot recipe round-up.
*Microwave ovens are energy efficient also. It is up to you how you use them. I choose to limit the amount I use the microwave for health reasons.

3 thoughts on “31 Days to a Somewhat Crunchy YOU – Crock Pots and Toaster Ovens

  1. Don’t forget the electric roaster! I couldn’t believe how much less energy they use and you can bake anything in it you can bake in an oven, not to mention you can roast a turkey without the turkey bag and still have it just as moist!

    And there’s a lot less heat put out making it a joy in the summer.

    Currently using our oven only because the heat went out and I’m looking for all the excess heat I can get. :)

  2. I have a pressure cooker “Nutritionist”.. It makes soup in about 45-60 minutes. I have older children so I can leave the crockpot or pressure cooker on the deck safely and not have the heat in the house!

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