20 Meals For $150 – Latest And Greatest From $5 Dinners

Are you familiar with the Costco meal series from $5 Dinners?  If not, well even if you are, you’re going to love this.

20 Meals for $150

The latest in a 4 part series, Erin has put together another 20 Meals from Costco for $150.  This is sure to streamline your shopping and cooking times this month.  Just in time for the back to school rush!  There are two ways you can go about this.

The Whole Kaboodle

For only $5 you get the Costco shopping list, printable recipe cards with instructions, plus access to the assembly video.  Girlfriend put all these meals together in just under 2 hours!  Get the whole kaboodle here!  Or, you can go with option 2.

Shopping List and Recipes Only

If you’d like to take the list and run, this is the option for you.  This option is only $1.49.

Though, personally, I’d spring for the whole kaboodle just to giggle as Erin does her happy dance at the end.  And did I mention this meal pan is for the slow cooker AND gluten free…yeah it is!

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