Ready For Winter With #FitMadeFun

I received LeapBands and Clif Kid ZBars to host my #FitMadeFun party. All opinions are my home.  You may read my full disclosure policy for more information.

Fall, my favorite season, has officially arrived!  The warm summer breeze has turned into a nippy gale, beautiful leaves are falling from the trees, winter will soon be here….and the kids will be spending more time indoors.  That last bit is the only thing I don’t enjoy about the change of seasons.  Sometimes it’s simply too cold to go out.  However, this year we’re ready.  Bring on the wind, rain, and even snow!  We have Leap Bands!

Fit Made Fun Day

September 6th was Fit Made Fun Day – a day of activity and play from LeapFrog.  In Santa Monica, CA, parents and children came together in attempts to set Guiness World Records.  We were able to participate in the fun, all the way on the other side of the US, with our Leap Bands and a #FitMadeFun party.

The Party

Leap Frog Leap Band

We truly had a great chance to see how well the Leap Bands would help kids stay active indoors. The day of the party included torrential rains, washed out roads and lost power.  But you know what, we still had fun!  Leap Bands are interactive wrist bands with virtual pets. The band offers 50 different activity options to get your kids moving.

The Leap Band tracks your child’s activity, unlocking rewards and special features as they complete the challenges.  My kids LOVE the Leap Band!

The activities kept them, and their guests, hopping…literally.  The good news is, they didn’t need a ton of room to complete the challenges.  Most can be completed indoors.  So, as the storm raged outside, I had a houseful of happy, occupied kids!  Of course active kids need refreshment as well.

Clif Kid ZBars


Can’t wait to see how the guests like these new kids protein bars! #fitmadefun

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I was happy to offer the kids a healthy snack option with the new, Clif Kid ZBars.  These bars are protein packed treats. Admittedly, my kids and I couldn’t eat the bars as they have dairy, but our guests really enjoyed them.  They took a vote, and peanut butter flavor was the winner.  I was really surprised peanut butter won over chocolate chip - but whaddaya gonna do?

Even though I couldn’t eat the bars, they still impressed me!  These bars are thick, the perfect chunky size for little hands.  In addition to protein and fiber, they’re also made with 70% organic ingredients. That’s important to this mom!

And Then…

However after refueling the kids with Clif Kid ZBars, we had to break out the Leap Band activities again. Because when I say the kids were refueled, I mean they were refueled and ready to go!  Just keeping it real folks…


How do you keep your kids active in cold or foul weather?

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