GPA Learn Math What’s the single most complained about school subject?  Math! It seems parents and children everywhere need help, at one time or another, with teaching or mastering new concepts. Or maybe, they just need help keeping math fresh and fun. Thanks to being part of the TOS Review Crew, I was able to review GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN.


It’s is a web-based math program for children in grades K-5 from.  Using animated characters as “coaches,” your child “plays” their way through each math lesson. GPALOVEMATH offers over 150 lessons and 10,000 practice problems per grade. In as little as 4-5 lessons a week, children can complete a full grade of math in 10 months.

What makes it different?

Online Math Curriculum

GPALOVEMATH is set up much like a video game. The coaches are fun, animated, characters that break down new techniques for your child, and encourage them as they go. These characters give children one-on-one instruction in a fun and interactive format.

The video game style is what really attracted me to GPA LEARN because my 8 year old is a gamer. However, if you’re not a big supporter of games, keep in mind this is educational! And, according to a recent study, children who play educational video games for 20 minutes a day might have an edge on their non-gaming peers.

GPA Math

 What I Loved


GPALearn Review

My favorite part of this program is the easy-peasy tracking and record keeping. There is an easy to manage interface that displays all your child(ren)’s progress in one place.  Grades and mastery levels are kept for you. You can easily see if your child has mastered a lesson, or needs review.

In addition to the dashboard, parents can receive an email summary for each completed lesson. I loved this! I was alerted to how many lessons Bram completed, and how he scored without having to sit down and log into the dashboard each day. Like I said, easy-peasy. And I’m all for technology that makes my life easier!


GPALOVEMATH also has a wonderful rewards system in place. They can auto-populate the rewards for you, or you can select and create your own rewards. You decide what rewards, and how often your child receives a reward. And what’s best is it doesn’t rely on grade-performance. So your children will be rewarded for effort. That’s wonderful for children who either don’t test well, or are perfectionists.

Why This Wasn’t The Best Fit For Bram

I don’t like including this part, because I don’t want to dissuade you from trying this program – it’s wonderful. However, my readers know they can count on me for honest and transparent reviews.  As much as I, as the parent, loved GPAMATHLOVE, I found it’s not the best fit for Bram right now.

While Bram loved the video game format and really loved the reward system, he would grow impatient with the program. GPALOVEMATH is based on mastery.  Children cannot advance without fully completing levels and completing them well, which is as it should be.

However, it is very thorough. And once Bram got a concept, he was ready to move on to the next concept. Completing 15 more questions of a concept he already understood proved to be frustrating for him. My subscription is good for a year, so we will be jumping back in as Bram matures, but right now it’s not the best fit for him. 


Overall, I very much enjoyed GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN.  It is easy to set up, easy to use, online so you can do math anywhere you have computer access, and it’s fun! If you have a child in grades K-5 who enjoys video game style learning, or is motivated by reward systems, be sure to try out this unique program!

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GPA Learn Review



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