Flavor Memorial Day With Limoncello Products | And A Giveaway

Have you planned you Memorial Day menu?

With the warm summer weather approaching, you’ll want to include crisp, fresh flavors like lemon. Luckily, MARTIN’S is making it easy to do just that with their limited time Limoncello products!

Limoncello MARTIN's

Limoncello is a flavor that hails from Italy’s sweet and tangy Sorrento lemon. That unique flavor (and heavenly scent) has been captured and introduced into more than 30 MARTIN’S Own Brand products.

“We’re always excited to enhance and experiment with new flavors and varieties withing our Own Brand line of products. Our Limoncello products offer a new twist on lemon that we think our customers will enjoy!” John MacDonald, Director of Marketing

This is the spirit that I love about my MARTIN’S food stores. They never settle for good enough. They are always working to enhance the shoppers experience. Look for Limoncello products on GIANT and MARTIN’S shelves near you.

My family and I were given the opportunity to try three Limoncello prodcuts for free – Limoncello Lemonade, Limoncello Risotto, and Limoncello Meringue Cookies. All three were very much enjoyed. The lemon flavor was powerful, but smooth and sweet.

The cookies were, of course, devoured first. I wasn’t sure my chocolate-loving kids would go for the lemon, but they sure did!

Next, I tried out the risotto. The infusion of lemon made it the perfect side dish my dill tilapia.

Last, we tried the lemonade. Again, yummy! I liked mine with sparkling water, for a spritzer.


What other ways can you enjoy Limoncello products this weekend?

  • Add Limoncello olive oil to grilled veggies
  • Cool down with Limoncello ice cream
  • Freshen your home with Limoncello scented candles
  • Add Limencello pesto to your favorite pasta

There are plenty of products to choose from. But hurry! They are available for a limited time only. Once they’re gone they’re, well…gone. To make it easier for you to sample Limoncello products, MARTIN’S has given me $25 in gift cards to give away. Enter below!

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S Is For Smiling Sunrise – A Book Review

S Is For Smiling SunriseAmelie will be three next month – yes three! I can hardly believe it myself. She’s officially preschool age. So, I’ve been incorporating fun materials that both teach and entertain. My goal is for her to learn what she can without the stress and formality of a curriculum just yet.

That’s why I was excited to receive S Is For Smiling Sunrise as part of the TOS Review Crew.

S Is For Smiling Sunrise

WordsBright Review

S Is For Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright has proved to be a great resource to do just that. As reflected in the name, this is a happy book.

The reader is taken on a journey through the alphabet with whimsical rhymes and soft, colorful illustrations. Alliteration is also used to highlight letter sounds and draw correlations between the letters, letter sounds and illustrations.

However this isn’t your standard “A is for apple book”.  It’s obvious the author put a great deal of thought into constructing rhymes that encourage children to think about abstract topics like thankfulness, joy, and giving. I believe all children should have a strong foundation of such things, to be taught to see the joy of the morning and the beauty of a butterfly.

Because S Is For Smiling Sunrise shares about such ubiquitous topics, this is a book all children from any walk of life, or religion, can enjoy.

About WordsBright

Smiling Sunrise Review
The publisher, WordsBright, is focused on social harmony, awareness and education. That’s why they’re committed to donating at least 10% of their net earnings to charitable organizations. Currently they give to charities that focus on Reading and Education across Asia and Africa.

Reading opens so many doors for children! It benefits them academically, socially, and stokes the fires of their imaginations.

When I purchase products, I love knowing that a portion of proceeds go to help others in need – especially children! Don’t you?


You know what else I love? When brands give you extra materials to enhance the experience!

There are some fun extras I encourage you to take advantage of when you read S Is For Smiling Sunrise. The first is their downloadable teacher’s guide.  The teacher is given prompts for every letter of the book. They share questions that facilitate deeper discussion, concepts that can be explored via the illustrations, vocabulary words and correlating activity suggestions.

There is also a free words poster, which shares words that focus on the mission of the book and company – like gratitude, oneness, beauty and goodness.

This book is available as a physical book or ebook. To see what others are saying about S Is For Smiling Sunrise, click the image below.

Wordsbright Review

Are Conferences Worth The Investment?

Spring is here, and with it comes a new round of conferences. It seems there are conferences for everything these days, homeschool, public school, finance, marketing, tech, food, even pet conferences. My personal favorite (of course) is the blog conference.

Even in that genre there is no shortage of choices. We have niche conference galore! Although, being that we’re still working our way out of the recession, and money doesn’t grow on trees, I’m often asked an important question.

Is traveling to blog conferences worth the investment?

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Long answer: Yes, but you need to know exactly why you’re going. It’s so important to focus on what you’ll get out of the conference. What’s your ROI? Have a game plan for what you want to achieve. Focus on that, but be flexible. Many times I get an unexpected blessing while at an event just by being flexible and allowing my focus to shift momentarily.

So, what should you expect for your ROI? Well, it all depends on what you want, how you want to grow your blog and which specific conference you plan to attend. However, these are the most common returns…

To read the full post, hop on over to the Word Traveling series!

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