To The Pregnant Teen Wondering: Should I Keep My Baby

Should I keep my baby
I’ve been wanting to write to pregnant teens and teen moms for quite some time. But I haven’t known where to start. There are so many overlapping challenges to being a teen mom, it’s difficult to compartmentalize and address each issue one at a time.

But I think this is a conversation we need to have. I want to let you know you’re not alone. I want to let you know people care about you. You are loved. Your child is loved. And you don’t have to do it alone.

We may come from different backgrounds. I may not understand every challenge you face. It’s a different world for you, being a teen mom now, than it was for me in 1996. But we share the common bond of being pregnant as teens.

We speak the same heart language. Because, in the end, all that separates our experiences is the passing of time. So let’s start at the beginning shall we?  Today, I want to talk to the teen who recently found out she is pregnant and is wondering…

Should I Keep My Baby?

*Deep Breath*

Okay, breathe.

That’s a mighty question. And a question I’d like to break down because, really, this question can have two meanings. First, one might interpret this question as Should I give birth to this baby?  And, second Should I raise this baby? I’m going to start with the easy question.

Should I give birth to this baby?

Yes. Without question. Without hesitation. Unequivocally. YES.

Accidents surprises happen. This pregnancy may not be what you planned, but it is what has happened. I’m going to give you some tough love here and tell you, you don’t get a do over. The moment that baby was conceived all your plans and hopes got thrown into the back seat, at least temporarily.

Now, society might tell you there’s another option. That in a matter of hours, with one simple medical procedure, you can get your life back on track. That things can very easily go back to the way they were, for a small fee of course.

Please don’t swallow this lie. Abortion is not simple. It is taxing physically, and emotionally. For every “abortion was the best decision for me” story, there are countless others suffering in the shadows with regret. You just may not hear about them because fear and shame have kept them silenced.

Like Sarah Mae

And Cheri

Even so, let’s step away from the abortion argument. Let’s ignore the fact that your baby’s heart was likely beating before you even knew you were pregnant. Let’s side-step that rabbit hole altogether and talk about hope.

Do you have hope? Can you see a glimmer of your future or are you consumed in today’s confusion and fear? Let me help set you free.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or not, I can tell you, your unborn child has purpose. That baby has a destiny. Who are we to snuff it out?

Whether or not you believe in God, I do. And I know something you might not. That baby is His. Whatever pain, or trauma or darkness may have brought that baby to be, God still loves it. God still has a plan for it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean your baby will cure cancer, or be the next big movie star, or president. Maybe, maybe not. But it does mean that baby has the power to love, and be loved. To bring joy to this world. To bring a new start and new purpose, and you can be part of bringing that to fruition.

So please, don’t snuff out that ember of hope. Hold on to hope and trust that even though you can’t see the future, your baby has purpose and is worthy of the opportunity to live out their purpose.

I know you may be scared. I know you may be overwhelmed. But I promise you, you’re stronger than you think. Whether you have a great support system, or you’re surrounded by people who douse you with negativity, I want you to know – you’re strong enough.

Will it be hard? Yes.

Will it hurt? Oh yes.

Can it also be exciting? Yes!

And rewarding? Oh yes!

Don’t discount yourself. You may be young, but since when does age determine worth? When does age determine tenacity? And ability? And spirit? And strength?

The beautiful thing about pregnancy is none of us are ever truly ready for what it brings into our lives. We can read every book and article available, but until pregnancy is real, we simply don’t get it. We are all learning as we go. Whether we’re 16 or 36.

So you, teen mom, you’ve got this. You may waver and doubt, you may at times feel overwhelmed and defeated. But I don’t doubt for one second your ability to do this. You. Are. Strong. Enough.

Pregnancy and birth isn’t instant, you have nine months to think, pray, and make decisions. There are solutions to questions about relationships, school, work and whatever else may be worrying you. There is time.

So, breathe. Take one decision at a time. For now, decide that yes, you will give birth to this beautiful beating heart within you. Decide to give this precious child life.

You have time to decide all the rest.

…Which leads us to the second part of the “should I keep my baby” question…Should I Raise This Baby?  (Part 2 coming soon)

La La Logic Review | Preschool Curriculum

As part of the TOS Review Crew, I was given the opportunity to try out a Preschool Curriculum from La La Logic. I was generously given a lifetime membership. I experienced La La Logic through the eyes of my almost 3 year old little girl, Amelie. (I sometimes refer to her as Ami for short.)

La La La Logic Review

I love homeschooling! I should, I’ve been at it since 2001. But just because you love something, doesn’t mean it is without challenges. My biggest challenge in this stage of my journey is finding activities to keep my little one busy while doing school with her big brother. There are no shortage of things to do around the house, but sometimes she doesn’t want to play with same old toys. And admittedly, I will occasionally avoid things like sensory bins if I don’t want to clean up a mess.

Also, I want her free play time to be more than fun, I want it to grow her in some way. I love things that grow her knowledge, her motor skills, and her imagination. That’s way I was so pleased with our La La Logic experience – we were given all those things in one tidy bundle.

The added bonus was Ami considered La La Logic time her school time as well.  So, when I said “I need to do school with your brother” she’d say “Me do school too!”. So, I’d sign on to La La Logic and she could work at the same time as her big brother. (Which meant no interruptions for him!)

La La Logic


What is La La Logic?

La La Logic is an online curriculum for children of about 3-6 years old. It’s made up of self-paced lessons which gradually increase in difficulty over time. This way your child is challenged without being frustrated. The goal of this preschool curriculum is to lay a foundation of knowledge, and love of learning, that will prime your child for future growth and education.

How do you use La La Logic?

This preschool curriculum is set up for use in three steps. When combined, these three steps give students a well rounded experience. They are able to “play games”, use their fine motor skills, then apply their knowledge to interactive activities around the home.

Brain Games

La La Logic Review
The first step is the online fun! Now, technically these are the lessons, but Amelie had so much fun learning she called them games. “Me want to play school gaaaaaaames!” she’d say. And of course, being the wonderful mother I am, I let her because I know the truth. These games are more than just mindless fun.  They are designed to to teach your child letter, number and color concepts, as well as matching skills.  All these work together to grow their base knowledge and critical thinking skills.


La La Logic

The second step is to complete worksheets. These are a great way to allow little ones to practice their fine motor skills in an enjoyable way. La La Logic worksheets cover a myriad of educational themes like matching, pattern identification and sequencing.

Preschool Curriculum

Amelie especially loved matching insects shapes.

Extension Activities

The final piece of the puzzle is extension activities. This is where you really solidify what your child has learned by using it in everyday life and play. They offer great ideas to make your home the classroom via scavenger hunts, nature study, poetry and more.

I didn’t utilize this part very much as I felt it was just a little too advanced for Amelie right now. However, since I have a lifetime membership, I will be sure to incorporate the extension activities as she gets older and matures.

What did we love most?

La La Logic Review

When you are signed onto La La Logic you have the option of choosing the Continuous Brain Challenge setting.  This allows the student to go through all the online challenges without interruption. Ami loved this! Once we started, she didn’t want to stop. So, allowing her to go as far as she wanted was a real bonus. (translation: no temper tantrums or confusion). I was truly impressed by the variety of images and questions asked. This curriculum is a great way to focus on early critical thinking skills!

I’m not the only one to review this! Click the image below to see what others are saying about La La Logic Preschool Curriculum:

La La Logic Review

Revisiting My Goals and Resolutions #60DaysNoExcuses

60DaysNoExcusesYesterday, I was thinking how excited I am to have reached my goal weight of 135 lbs, when I suddenly remembered this had been one of my New Year UNresolutions. So, of course I wondered what other goals I had set for myself.

I decided to review my goals for this year. Because, I have a tendency to set goals, lose focus, then be depressed when I don’t reach my goals.  I went back to my 2015 UNresolutions post and was pleasantly surprised to find I’m doing okay.

  • I accomplished goal #1 – BAM! (lose weight, reach 135 lbs.)
  • I also have been kicking butt on goal #6 – DOUBLE BAM! (distance myself from drama and people that cause it)
  • I’m doing a great job with #3 (getting and keeping my home organized, however my office is still a train wreck) so that’s still a work in progress.
  • Then I realized I’m no where near on par for goals #2 (to get fit), #4 (to be completely debt free), and #5 (be a better local friend).

From there I checked out my Life List, or bucket list as some call it. And you know what I had listed there as well? To get fit!

However, instead of getting upset, I got motivated. Seriously, if I can lose over 40lbs and get mostly-organized, I can do just about anything! Though, I have to be realistic. I’m the type of person who does best tackling one thing at a time. I figured getting completely debt free is going to take a bit longer ;-) and I’m not yet together enough to throw myself into new friendships. So, now is the time to get really fit!

I’ve been diligent about being active, but I’ve been hit-or-miss with really working out. I don’t want to put off being fully fit any longer!


So, starting Thursday the 30th, I’m challenging myself to give it my all for 60 days. I’ll be holding myself accountable by sharing my daily exercise with the hashtag #60DaysNoExcuses. 

I’m not trying to become a body builder, but I want muscle tone and definition! So, EVERY DAY for 60 days I will do some type of real work-out. I mostly plan to utilize PiYo, Denise Austin videos, and for the very busy days I will do 10 minute “around the house” workouts like sit-ups, chair dips and lunges. Of course if I get a a true workout through chores, you better believe I’ll count that too!

But the key is to really work. Really work. Not just activity. A brisk walk won’t count on these 60 days. Neither will playing with the kids at the park. I’m gonna work. I’m gonna sweat!

Now, I know you might be wondering, why 60 days? Well, for me, I don’t think 30 days will be enough to really ingrain workouts into my schedule. I’m a slow learner. Also, I think 60 days will be long enough to see some great results – which is what I want! I think I’ll be pretty close to actually being fit at the end of the 60 days.

And you know what I’ve learned? Once you reach your goal, it’s a lot easier to maintain than I thought. Dropping over 40 lbs was hard, very hard. I felt like I’d never be able to eat the foods I loved again. But, I’ve found that once I got to 135 lbs, staying here hasn’t been anywhere near as difficult. It just takes daily evaluation of my decisions. So, I’m trusting getting and staying fit will be the same. (If it’s not, just don’t tell me yet!)

I’d love it if you’d join me! If you can’t join me, then keep me accountable. Follow along and if I miss a day – call me out on it girlfriend!